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Diesel Generator Set
Cummins Power Systems Industrial
20KW standby rated

Cummins brand power generation systems are the result of integrated design and manufacturing intended to satisfy your requirements for rated performance and reliable and efficient operation.  For either standby or prime power,

Extreme weather, construction activities, and countless other unforeseen power complications can suddenly interrupt the electrical service you depend on to continue your operations and activities.  You can have complete peace of mind, knowing that during a power outage your Cummins Standby System will activate to provide the power necessary to run vital systems.

Fully automatic, the system detects an interruption of electrical service and engages to power your essential systems.  When utility power is restored, the standby system shuts down, automatically resetting itself.  The entire power transfer cycle is fully automatic -- it is not necessary to be present for this system to work!


Cummins Diesel Generator Sets

Cummins series water-cooled diesel-fueled generator sets offer the traditional rugged durability and reliability in applications as diverse as standby power for nursing homes or wireless services and prime power for small, unattended remote stations or large applications.  User-friendly operation and maintenance features include:

* Weather-protective housings and coolant heaters to shield the genset
   from extreme ambient conditions.

* Space-saving options, such as in-skid fuel tanks

* Mulit-level controls for automatic, local, or remote start capabilities

* Complete options and accessories

If your requirements differ from those described here, click to request a custom quote.


Cummins Features

Compare these features with those offered on competitor's models.   Only more about the Cummins brand Cummins

* Single-source design, manufacturing and testing of all set components and
   accessories by Corporation.

* Most accept 100% of nameplate kW rating in one step, in compliance with
   NFPA 110, Paragraph 5-13.2.6.

* Shunt exitation system provides quick recovery from transient speed dips.

* Designed with a complete line of factory options and accessories for standby
   and mobile power.

* Water-cooled diesel engine is mechanically or electronically governed and
   has direct injection combustion.

* Most have brushless, rotating field YD AC alternator that provides broad range
   reconnectible output.  Single phase 4-lead alternator is standard with 12-lead

* Control Panel: vibration isolated start/stop control with various shutdowns.

* Electronic voltage regulator provides precise regulation,
   underfrequency compensation, and fast recovery from transient speed dips.

* High ambient radiator cooling system.

* Skid base provides integral vibration isolation and supports the alternator and engine.
   Battery rack and cooling system mount to the skid base.  Skid bases are standard
   on water-cooled models.


Standard Bill of Material

25DKAE Cummins Genset-Diesel,60Hz,20kW or 20,000 watts, 83.3 amps @ 240v.
A331-2 Duty Rating-Standby Power
L098-2 Certification-EPA,Tier 2, Non Road
F184-2 Weather Protective Enclosure with Critical Muffler mounted internally to
       decrease dba. In most cases, sound attenuated enclosure is not needed as the
       dba level = 72dba @ 23 feet. 
R104-2 Voltage-120/240, Single Phase
B274-2 Alternator-60 Hz, 4 Lead, Single Phase, 105c
PCC1301 Very sophisticated control yet very user friendly. Stores tons of information
       on the genset. Microprocessor control panel. 
KB68-2 Circuit Breaker-125a,2pole,240v,Thermo-Magnetic,Ul 
F175-2 Radiator Outlet Duct Adapter-None
H036-2 Coolant Heater-120 Volt Ac, Single Phase - AC Block heater that maintains warm
       temperature on engine to protect against wear and tear brought on by cold weather
L028-2 Genset Warranty-1 Year Base - Covers parts, labor, travel time and mileage for
       1 year following Start-up. No deductible like most competitors. Most comprehensive
       warranty in the industry.
A322-2 Packing-Skid, Poly Bag


Options (order using drop down menus below)

Upgrade to Stage One Enclosure = Decreases dba level to 66.9dba from 72dba.
  Note: Each time you double the footage, decrease 6 dba. We measure @ 23 feet.
Upgrade to Stage Two Sound Enclosure = Decreases dba level to 63.2dba from 72 dba.
Electronic Governor - For the tightest frequency and voltage regulation. Higher quality
  vs the standard mechanical governor. 
Low Coolant Level Shutdown. Protects engine from overheating due to low coolant.
Fuel Tank-Dual Wall Subbase, 77 gallons. @ load = 72 hours. @ Full load of
  20kw = 40 hours. Includes Switch-Low Fuel Level, Subbase Switch-Rupture Basin.
5 year Comprehensive Warranty on Generator. Extends the 1 year through 5 full years.
  The battery charger and the coolant heater are not covered following 1st year.
  No deductibles.


Remember when selecting a diesel generator avoid extreme oversizing.  For proper performance you need to be able to achieve more than 30% of full load rating on a regular basis.  Otherwise you risk wet-stack problems and other issues.


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Item Number: 20DKAE
Price: $11,119
Shipping Weight: 2000 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 4 weeks or less.
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