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Gen/Tran 50A Power Inlet Boxes
120/240V twist-lock inlet

For installations where the building electrical panel is located indoors and generator is located outdoors.  Eliminates need for open window or door for generator cord.  Raintight NEMA 3R box can be mounted on exterior of building and wiring may be run through wall to transfer switch or panel.  The 63652 and 6365V feature brushed aluminum construction which can be painted in field.  Twist lock male 50A power inlet receptacle is mounted on box for cable connection to generator, 12,500 watt maximum.  Use with female connector RJBC6364 purchased separately.  UL listed.

Note that the 63652 and 63654 boxes have the cable inlet underneath the bottom making it weather proof even when a cable is connected.  But for easy safe connection of the cable the box has to be mounted high enough to see the bottom to check for insect nests and to plug in cable.  The flip lid is optional for the 63652 box and must be ordered separately.

The 1420V box has the inlet mounted on the front which makes it easier to plug in the cable.  The flip lid is included and installed on this box.

WARNING: Never install this inlet box without connecting it to a transfer switch.  If this product is not used with a transfer switch, it is not allowed by the National Electrical Code to supply power from a portable generator to a premises wiring system because of safety concerns.  These concerns include the dangers of back feeding into the utility grid and possible damage when utility power is restored.  Click here for more about safety.



63652 63654 6365V
Current (Amps) 50 50 50
Voltage  120/240 120/240 120/240
Inlet location bottom bottom front
Size (W x H x D) inches   6 x 5 x 5 4.25 x 4 x 6.5
Enclosure Material aluminum glass filled nylon resin aluminum
Flip Lid included? No Yes Yes
Origin Made in USA   foreign origin Made in USA  


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