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Indoor Manual Transfer Switch Panel
20A, 30A or 50A Generator input
6, 10 or 12 branch circuits provided
expandable to 16 branch circuits max
with generator watt meters

Easy to install and operate, connects portable generator to residential load center.  Allows manual transfer of all loads with individual on-off control of each to prevent overloading generator.   Required by National Electric Code (NEC) to prevent inadvertent backfeeding of electric power from generator into utility system which can be a safety hazard.  The industry's first pre-wired manual transfer panels that can be expanded in the field up to 16 circuits.  Models designed for generators ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 watts, the PowerStay™ manual transfer switch systems are available in 6, 10 or 12-circuit configurations and are listed under the new UL standard 1008.  Made in USA  


* Each model is expandable up to 16 circuits
* Designed with interchangeable type circuit breakers for easy
   replacement or expansion
* Copper bus for increased reliability
* Code-gauge metal NEMA 1 rated cabinet has flat front cover
   and powder coat finish that won't rust or chip
* Can be flush or surface mounted
* Accommodates hard wired OR plug-in generator connections
* Can power both resistive and inductive (motor) loads
* 14.38" W x 11.5" H x 3.38" D, 23 lbs.

System includes mechanically interlocked main and generator breakers, wattmeters, wiring harness with 24" of flexible conduit and wire connectors.  You will to need connect all wiring and install a 60 or 100 amp main breaker in your existing load center, depending on model.


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Specs and Ordering Table

Model No. Utility Branch Breaker Required in Load Center (by installer) Max. Generator Input (Amps)
Male Inlet Provided
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Branch Breakers Provided Works with:

Inlet Boxes
$ US
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200660 60A 20A
L1420P (2) 15A 1P
(2) 20A 1P
(1) 20A 2P
RJB12410 or RJB12425
14201 or 14202

301060 60A 30A
L1430P (3) 15A 1P
(3) 20A 1P
(1) 20A 2P
(1) 30A 2P
RJB10410 or RJB10425,
14301 or 14302

501210 100A 50A
CS6365 (3) 15A 1P
(3) 20A 1P
(1) 20A 2P
(1) 30A 2P
(1) 50A 2P
RJB06410 or RJB06425,
or 63652

1.  A branch breaker provided by the installer must be installed in the upstream load center to feed this sub-panel.
2.  Additional models available upon request.