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affiliate Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm and Business - Gipe
Wind energy today is a booming worldwide industry. The technology has truly come of age, with better, more reliable machinery and a greater understanding of how and where wind power makes sense — from the independent homestead to a grid-connected utility-wide perspective. Heightened concerns about our environment mean that this resurgence of interest in wind — a natural and widespread power source — is here to stay.Wind Power is an up-to-date version of Paul Gipe's definitive 1993 book, Wind Power for Home and Business. In addition to expanded sections on gauging wind resources and siting wind turbines, this edition includes new examples and case studies of successful wind systems as well as international sources for new and used equipment. The most comprehensive guide to wind power and wind energy, written by one of the world's leading experts on the subject. 504 pages, paperback, Chelsea Green Publishing Company
$49.95 A Wind Turbine Recipe Book - The Axial Flux Windmill Plans - Piggott 2008
This new book from Hugh Piggott is the sequel to his ‘How to Build a Wind Turbine.’  The Recipe Book is all new, and much better structured, with complete details of how to build six different sizes of turbine choosing between four or more voltages.  There are several sections of general interest, but most of the book is very specific to the stages of construction, and has dimensions for each size of turbine tabulated alongside diagrams and text.  At the back you will find a set of basic drawings of the four main types of head for the turbines. With fuel costs ever rising, now might be a good time to start on your turbine! 65 A4 format pages, profusely illustrated with drawings, photos and charts. Softcover. Scoraigwind
$35 How to Build a Wind Turbine - Piggott 2005
This book from Hugh Piggott replaces his ‘Brakedrum Windmill Plans’, and is a completely new and improved design, although you still do need the rear wheel stub-axle and bearing hub from a car - preferably a Cavalier or similar. The book is based on a series of workshops Hugh has run over the last five years, and the detail here on the mechanics, the electrics and the theory is considerable. The construction part describes building an 8’ size windmill, but there are also sections on the alterations needed to build 4’, 10’ and 12’ wind turbines. With fuel costs ever rising, now might be a good time to start on your turbine! 64 A4 format pages, profusely illustrated with drawings, photos and charts. Softcover. Scoraigwind   NOTE THAT THIS BOOK IS OUT OF PRINT AND HAS BEEN REPLACED BY "AXIAL FLUX WINDMILL PLANS" ABOVE.
affiliate Windpower Workshop: Building Your Own Wind Turbine
 - Piggott
A "nuts & bolts" book on the selection and construction of a wind generator.  Probably the best book for anyone thinking about building one, to actually doing it. 158 pages illustrated with drawings and photos. Paperback. CAT Publications
affiliate Windmills and Wind Motors: How to Build and Run Them
 - Powell
     Learn about different types of turn-of-the-century windmills, some of them unusual. Build a model tower windmill similar to those in Holland. Build a real power-producing windmill with three foot diameter sails. Build a 6 foot diameter windmill capable of driving a 30 watt dynamo at 16 mph. You'll see many detailed drawings showing how the all-wood machine is built, and how metal gearing brings the power down to ground level. Another chapter reveals a 10 foot diameter windmotor. The last chapter gives you tips on generating electricity--high tech in 1910! Better generators are available now, but the basic principles still apply, and the control methods still work.
     These mills may not be as hot as modern designs, but building one of these babies should be relatively easy and low-cost. Great designs from a simpler time with simpler materials. 
affiliate Pumps As Turbines a Users Guide 2ND Edition - Williams
A classic title updated with a new chapter. Practical energy provision for isolated houses and remote locations. As interest in the provision of decentralized electricity in the South increases, this practical handbook is as important as ever. Pumps as Turbines: A User's Guide is a practical handbook for engineers and technicians involved in designing and installing small water-power schemes for isolated houses and communities. It concerns the use of standard pump units as a low-cost alternative to conventional turbines to provide stand-alone electricity generation in remote locations. This book arises out of the practical experience of fieldwork in village locations in a number of countries. This new edition includes a brand new chapter featuring a case study of a PAT (pump-as-turbine) installation. It covers how to select the type of pump based on site requirements, potential pump modifications and caution with single-phase pumps. 70 pages. Paperback. ITDG Publishing
affiliate The Easy Guide To Solar Electric - Adi
This book is a simple and entertaining introduction to solar electric. It is also a statement for clean energy and for environmentally healthy lifestyle. The reader will be introduced - through humor and analogies - to the basic electrical terms and the components of a solar system. Practical tips, including names and numbers, will give the reader some idea about reliable products and manufacturers. This expanded second edition is complete with index, glossary and charts. 230 pages, paperback, Adi Solar
affiliate The Easy Guide to Solar Electric Part II: Installation Manual - Adi
    Pieper (alternative energy, Santa Fe Community College) follows up his first book, The Easy Guide to Solar Electric for Home Power Systems, Second Edition, with information on the practical aspects of installing a photovoltaic system. Written in accessible language, the book covers every detail of planning, designing, and installing a system, and also offers a critical look at the solar industry. Schematics and b&w photos are included. There is no subject index.
    The author's second book is a hands-on book on how to install a solar electrical system. It covers, every aspect of a solar installation in great detail, including: electrical theory with emphasis on DC wiring, system design, electrical code, as well as components of a solar system down to quirks, nuts, and bolts. In its humorous language the book also looks at alternative energy politics, policies, and the industry through a critical eye. 186 pages, paperback, Adi Solar
affiliate How to Build a Solar Cell That Really Works!



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