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switched to read individual hot legs


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side view of meter alone front view as mounted dimensions  connections
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Powermeter PRO
digital LED panel meter kit, prewired/switched
Displays Volts, % Amps, Hertz
240Vac 60Hz 5A
(for use with gensets 6-30kW)


Don't operate your backup or alternative electric power system blind, risking damage to your generator and/or appliances!  Install this meter so you can see everything that is happening.  Perfect for monitoring generator parameters when your transfer switch or panel does not have meters.  The Amp scale will show if you are overloading the generator and the voltage and frequency scales can be used to verify the generator is operating properly.  Selector switch included so that you can directly read the total generator load and also display the load on each hot leg.


This new line of instruments is designed as a cost effective alternative to the traditional separate analog panel meters and can replace up to four meters.  An electronic solid-state design ensures maximum durability against vibration while a microprocessor based digital sampling technology provides maximum accuracy and stability in a wide range of environments.

Intuitive analog-style reading. Each parameter is displayed in analog format by high-luminosity color LED bar consisting of 10 dots.  Voltage and frequency are displayed in real values. A central green reference dot adds further visibility to reading. Current is displayed in percent of full scale value to provide a quick indication of load condition.

Overload on each parameter is indicated by a "wrap around" flashing of the last three dots proportional to the overload value. A low signal on each parameter is also displayed by flashing the initial dot. The metering window is therefore effectively 4 dots wider than the 10 dots available.

This meter can help you prevent costly problems such as:

Here is one user's review of this meter without switch and installation kit along with pictures.

Technical Specifications

Voltage rating: 240V nominal, 215-275V display plus over/under voltage
Frequency rating: 60Hz nominal, 55-66Hz display
Current rating: 5A full scale for use with
external current transformers (CT)
0-100% plus overload
Equivalent power at full scale:

(use the generator's rated running load,
       not the surge rating)
 3.0-6.6kW with 50/5 CT
 6.6-7.8kW with 60/5 CT
 7.8-9.6kW with 75/5 CT
 9.6-11.4kW with 90/5 CT
11.4-13.2kW with 100/5 CT
13.8-16.2kW with 125/5 CT
16.8-21kW with 150/5 CT
21-27kW with 200/5 CT
27-33kW with 250/5 CT
Design: microprocessor technology
Accuracy: 0.5% on each dot
Response time: 4 readings/sec
Power consumption: 25mA (derived from voltage input)
Operating temperature range: -10C to +50C
Meter Front panel dimensions: 2.76"W x 2.36"H
Meter Depth behind wall plate: 2.27"
Mounting: standard 3-gang 3-1/2" deep wiring box
Meter 5A Current input: integral donut sensor, 0.40" dia window
Connections (all in 18" of ENT conduit): (2) hot wires for generator voltage
(2) pairs of wires for external CT
(1) ground

For exactly matching the 100% load scale on the meter we provide instructions for adjusting the CT ratios in the field by passing the secondary wire through the opening.

Meter is Made in Italy.

Detailed assembly instructions provided if you want to save money and do the assembly yourself.  With some wiring experience and the proper tools this can be assembled in under 2 hours.




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