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Winco 19000W run, 22000W max
Vanguard OHV V-Twin Engine
(normally vehicle mounted)

Winco Industrial Generators

WINCO vehicle mounted generators are used in spray foam insulation, construction, mining, oil field, service, and emergency vehicles. These generators provide dependable power when reliability is a necessity.

* B&S Vanguard 993 cc, 36 hp
* Cast iron cylinder sleeves increase engine life and reduce oil consumption
* Standard low oil protection

* 100% Copper Windings
* Fixed stator with skewed slot and a rotating inductor fitted with a damper cage
* 2/3 pitch reduces harmonic content <5%
* MAUX Auxiliary System ensures the generator end can withstand 300% motor starting inrush for 20 seconds.
* AVR true RMS with voltage accuracy of +/- 1%

Additional Features
* Optional fuel tank that includes 15 gallon composite fuel tank, primer bulb, fuel cap with gauge, carbon canister, fuel line, connectors and brackets.
* Electric key start at the generator.


Engine Make Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Engine Type gasoline 993cc V-twin overhead valve, 4-stroke
Engine Rating 36 hp
Engine Speed 3600 rpm at 60Hz
AC Output Voltage 120/240VAC single phase
120/208VAC 3 phase
120/240VAC 3 phase
277/480VAC 3 phase
AC Output Power 19,000W run
22,000W maximum
AC Motor Starting Capability 300% for 20 seconds
Output Receptacles none (output breaker junction box for connections)
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 gal optional tank
(Or connect to vehicle tank. Generator includes fuel pump with 30" lift capacity)
Operating Time at 50% Load varies with tank used
Starting System electric (battery not included, BCI GROUP 26 500 CCA)
Low Oil Protection yes
Dimensions, L x W x H 41" x 26.75" x 29"
Manufacturer's warranty 2 years alternator/3 year engine


Note that due to Federal shipping regulations covering hazardous items portable generators cannot be returned after they are fueled.  If warranty service is required they must be taken to a nearby authorized service center.  See our Terms & Conditions for further information.



Item Number: EC22000VE
Price: $4,447
Price last updated 6/26/2017
Shipping Weight: 495 lbs.
This item ships with free ground freight to the USA 48 states.
This item normally ships in approximately 3-6 weeks or less.
If not paying by credit card contact NoOutage before placing order.


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