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Resistive Load Bank
100kW max, 120-480VAC, 3 phase

This FREEDOM model air cooled load bank is rated for continuous operation, is compact, portable, easy to transport and has digital metering and data logging software included. Optional travel case also available.

The FREEDOM Load Bank gives users the freedom of a high capacity load in an ultra compact package.  At only 105 pounds, this versatile load bank is less than half the weight and size of traditional load banks of similar capacity.  Features horizontal air discharge to provide a low profile design.  Quick connect load terminals and simple operation allow the load bank to be set up and operated by a single technician, saving valuable time in the field.

The load bank is available in two versions: a 60Hz and a 50Hz

    100kW at 480V 3-phase 60Hz, 5kW steps
    93kW at 240V 3-phase 60Hz, 3.75kW steps
    70kW at 208V 3-phase 60Hz, 2.45kW steps
    80kW at 400V 3-phase 50Hz, 5kW steps
    72kW at 380V 3-phase 50Hz, 4.51kW steps
    86kW at 415V 3-phase 50Hz, 5.38kW steps
    80kW at 230V 1-phase 50Hz

The load bank controls and cooling fans are powered by any standard 120Vac 60Hz single phase wall outlet with the detachable line cord that is provided.  (50Hz versions are powered by a 220V external source.)  An integral control panel is provided for load bank operation and includes the necessary controls and status indicators.  Digital metering is provided by the Advanced Digital Monitoring System (ADMS).  The ADMS meter provides faceplate display of Volts, Amps, Frequency and kW.  The communicator EXT Data Logging Software allows real time data acquisition and trending of all meter parameters from your laptop PC or PDA.  An infrared/USB interface cable is included for "Plug and Play" convenience.

Features include:
     - compact and simple operation
     - light-weight aluminum construction
     - reliable load elements
     - overtemperature protected
     - no cool down period required
     - voltage selector switch
     - digital metering



Item Number: FREEDOM
Price: $8,558
Price last updated 1/1/2014
Shipping Weight: 180 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 4-6 weeks (for 60Hz) or less.
If not paying by credit card contact NoOutage before placing order.


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