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For alternatives see PowerShelter Kit II and PowerShelter III

GenShed-closed.jpg (20918 bytes) GenShed-generator.jpg (90646 bytes) GenShed-empty.jpg (22201 bytes) GenShed-right.jpg (60640 bytes)
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for outdoor mounting of portable generators
no larger than these limits:
7500 watts max, 500 lbs max
28" wide x 40" long x 28" high max
(also note special exhaust requirements)

The GenShed Gen/Tran® provides a convenient, rigid, weatherproof, lockable place to store and operate a portable generator for backup power when connected to a transfer switch. It provides out-of-the-way protection for your generator, and frees up space in your garage for other items. 

Each GenShed includes floor, walls, doors and lid as well as factory-installed louvers, a patent-pending magnetic exhaust system, a pre-installed blower fan, and a high temperature sensor switch. Exhaust fumes and heat exit the GenShed through the magnetic exhaust system while additional heat is dissipated through louvers mounted on the walls and rear of the enclosure. The blower fan connects to a standard 120 volt receptacle on the generator to introduce fresh air to the generator engine, and only runs when the generator is running. The high temperature sensor switch will shut off the generator in case of overheating. ALL components included in the GenShed MUST be installed in order for it to operate as designed and to avoid property damage or personal injury.

The GenShed is designed for portable generators up to 7500 watts (continuous) powered by gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane. Do not use the GenShed for generators over 7500 watts!

Physical dimensions of your portable generator must NOT exceed 28" wide x 40" long x 28" high, and weight of generator (with a full gas tank) must not exceed 500 lbs. 

NOTE: Not all portable generators are compatible with the GenShed!! Your portable generator MUST have a tubular pipe and/or single exhaust hole and a steel exhaust cavity for the magnet to work. Baffled exhausts or exhaust points with perforated metal holes or louvers will NOT work with the GenShed. Also, some older or inexpensive generators do not include an Oil Level or Low Oil Switch. If your generator does NOT have an Oil Level Switch, GenTran does not recommend using it with the GenShed, and will not warranty the product. GenTran assumes no responsibility for property damage, injury or accidents resulting from installations when the High Temperature Sensor Switch is not used. Please call the Factory or check the Generator Compatibility Chart for a list of current model generators that have been verified by our factory.

Below are some pictures (click to enlarge) of various generator exhausts -- some that will work, and some that will NOT.

GenShed-exh-ok.jpg (37484 bytes) GenShed-exh-no1.jpg (40380 bytes) GenShed-exh-no2.jpg (40380 bytes)
Ok NOT ok NOT ok

The GenShed must be located no less than 18" from a non-combustible surface and no less than 5 feet from a door or window opening. Generator should be placed in the shed with the exhaust facing the back or side. Magnetic Exhaust System must be affixed to the muffler pipe and the flexible pipe must be routed to the pre-drilled hole that allows the straightest path outside.

DISCLAIMER: The GenShed™ has been designed with safety in mind, and therefore all instructions for installation and use of this product should be strictly followed. All components MUST be installed for the GenShed to ensure proper operation and safety. Failure to follow the instructions may cause property damage and/or personal injury. This shed should not be attached to a dwelling or installed in any space that is part of a dwelling. GenTran is not responsible for damage or injury caused by improper or inappropriate installation or use. Keep children and pets away from the GenShed! Do not store ANYTHING in the GenShed other than the generator. Recommended lock should have 5/16” shaft. This shed can be secured to the ground by drilling holes in the four corners on the inside of the shed and hammering 12” nails into the ground.







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