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Hydroelectric Turbine Generator
Low Head - High Flow
ES&D, 1500W max, 10 feet head max

Energy Systems and Design has introduced this new generator specifically for low head high flow applications.  The LH1000 employs a brushless, permanent magnet alternator which is adjustable, enabling the user to match turbine output to electrical load.  It has a higher efficiency than previous alternators, and is capable of outputs over 1 kW, while requiring virtually no maintenance.

The LH1000 is designed to operate in conjunction with battery-based power systems.  To gain enough head to operate the LH1000, water is channeled into a sluiceway.  A box-shaped sluiceway 1' wide by 1' high will easily handle the maximum flow of 1000 gpm.  The turbine is mounted in a 7" opening in the sluice bottom, with the draft tube extending to the tailwater below.  The draft tube remains water-solid during operation and actually creates suction pressure on the turbine.  The water and pressure difference turns the propeller, creating shaft power.  This, in turn, powers the generator, producing electricity.

ESD's microhydro systems employ high efficiency, precision-cast parts, and non-corrosive alloys for long life and durability.  A digital multimeter accompanies each turbine for measuring output.  These units can be used in stand-alone, or grid-tied systems.  Product made in Canada.  Additional technical information is available at the ES&D web site (click).


Nozzles: n/a

Head Range:

2 to 10 feet
Flow Range: 10 to 1000 gpm
Maximum Power: 1500 watts
Voltage: user set from 12 to 48Vdc
120Vdc or 240Vdc special order

To estimate power output of this generator use the thumbnail image at the top of this page.

DC cable length and voltage drop must be evaluated carefully when laying out system.  Click here for our simple voltage drop calculator.  If the turbine will be located far from the battery bank, voltage drop and wire cost can be reduced by using the 120Vdc generator with a step-down controller (such as the FM60 or FM80) at the battery bank.


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Note that for this product we have to bill at time of order rather than time of shipment because Canadian manufacturer requires payment in advance.



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