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The online source for backup & alternate power systems & information !
Info & systems for power outages and more. Featuring portable RV/mobile standby & PTO generators, automatic transfer switches, fuel conversion kits, manual transfer switches & panels, cables, generator metering panels, portable power distribution boxes, inverters, UPS systems, voltage regulators, surge arresters and load banks. Also offer alternative energy products including solar, wind & hydro power sources, grid-tied inverters. Also books and replacement parts.  Secure online ordering.

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LCD PowerMeter7 - model with six functions plus alarm!
Champion-100307.jpg (30556 bytes) Lots of NEW choices for dual fueled portable generators!
Champion standby generator enclosure - closed Champion 8.5kW automatic standby generator for under $2K!

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PowerShelter™ Plans - DIY instructions for converting most sheds for storing and operating a portable generator outdoors
replacement parts - for gensets and GE Zenith switches

Our Mission
The U.S. electric utility industry is undergoing major changes due to deregulation. One of the results is reduced reliability of electric service. LLC provides information and systems for maintaining electric power supply during periods when utility power is lost.  We also offer alternative power systems for both grid-connected and off-grid locations.  Protect yourself, your family, your property and your business from the inconvenience and dangers of future power outages.  We presently feature portable, automatic standby, RV/Mobile and PTO generators, manual transfer switches, cable and cordsets, inverters, lightning/surge protection, UPS systems, line voltage regulators/ conditioners and accessories.  See our alternative energy products: solar PV modules, wind and hydroelectric generators, and more.

Power outages and brownouts can wreak havoc on companies, resulting in economic and operational setbacks.  A recent study conducted by J.D.Power & Associates found that the average business experiences 5.7 outages per year.  Without protection, business cannot be conducted during those 5.7 times per year.  The Electric Power Research Institute found that, on average, a one second power outage costs a business $1,477 and the tab for a one hour outage comes to $7,795.  Overall this costs the U.S. economy between $104 and 164 billion annually.
--excerpted from "What is Power Protection?" by Carrie Schmelkin, TMCnet Web Editor, April 21, 2011.


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California utilities turn off the electricity when wildfire risk is high
With the number of fires in the West growing, and a 2017 decision by the California Public Utilities Commission to require that a utility — not ratepayers — pick up the costs for fires caused by its power lines, it’s likely that Californians are going to see more deliberate, pre-planned power outages when there is extreme wildfire risk, experts say. “The utilities are damned if they do, damned if they don’t,” said Frank Wolak, a Stanford University economics professor who has studied energy issues extensively. There is now a web site covering these shutoffs by the big three California utilities SDGE, SCE, PG&E called Public Safety Power Shutoff. These power outages are forcing more consumers to install backup generators..
--The Mercury News, December 7, 2017 and other sources

Massive blackout in Argentina
BUENOS AIRES - A huge power outage hit Argentina and two neighboring countries on Sunday June 16. Argentina’s grid “collapsed” around 7 a.m. (1100 GMT), leaving the entire country without power. The outage also cut electricity to much of neighboring Uruguay and swaths of Paraguay, and shut down YPF SA’s La Plata refinery, Argentina’s largest. The root cause of the outage remained unknown and results of a full investigation will not be available for 10 to 15 days. Residents of Buenos Aires, a city of nearly 16 million, awoke on Father´s Day to a nearly entirely dark city. The blackout hobbled public transportation, cut off water supplies, shutdown service stations and stores, and crippled phone and internet communications for much of the day.
--Reuters, June 16, 2019.


For past news clips see Outage Archives.


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