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(201220, 201378, 201222 bundled with 100A, 150A or 200A switch)

Champion standby generator enclosure - closed

Champion standby generator enclosure - gullwings open

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controls at generator

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NEW Standby Generator Set
Champion Power Equipment Air Cooled
aXis 22.0kW on vapor propane or 19.8kW on nat. gas
120/240V single phase
(Should start shipping pre-orders in December 2023)


Smaller 12.5kW and 14kW ratings also available!

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The NEW Champion Power Equipment aXis 22-kW Home Standby Generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch is The Simple Solution™ to a power outage. Enjoy peace of mind while ensuring security and convenience for your family during an emergency.

The generator starts automatically when the power goes out and returns to standby when power is restored. The 24-volt starting system operates in temperatures ranging from -22 F to 104 F with no warming kit necessary.

You’ll have the starting power you need during an emergency since the onboard battery charger maintains the charge at all times, plus, since the generator is connected to your propane or natural gas system, it never needs refueling. This unit also performs weekly self-diagnostic tests.

An all-weather, composite mounting pad is included for easy installation, plus the steel enclosure protects your generator from the elements.

The new aXis control uses Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology eliminating the need for communication wiring between the generator, transfer switch and load management contactor modules. This saves on installation costs and eliminates a possible source of later connection problems.

aXis Wi-Fi technology allows for onsite setup from a smart phone or tablet.

The aXis digital control automatic transfer switches are all service entrance rated with aluminum NEMA 3R enclosures for outdoor use. They come with an external Wi-Fi antenna for wireless setup.

With the aXis intelligent load management technology, your home’s power requirements are monitored continuously. This ATS can back up your home’s entire distribution panel with the ability to manage up to 4 load priorities with multiple high demand appliances in each. Plus there are two load management relays that can also be used to control low Voltage control circuits such as thermostats. If your generator nears maximum capacity, pre-designated, high demand appliances are managed to avoid overload. As soon as demand lowers, the generator will automatically reacquire the appliances that are managed. Appliances are managed and reacquired sequentially.

But if you need to control the generator remotely using a dry contact the aXis Controller can accept that input also. This is referred to as 2-wire start control and is often used with larger automatic transfer switches and solar inverter controls. With 2-wire start control the generator runs while the remote contact is closed. When the contact opens the generator begins its cool down cycle and shuts down. Note however that when using this type of control some of the aXis features will be disables such as load management, Wi-Fi connectivity, and wireless exercise programming.

Our innovative gull-wing design provides easy access to the engine and control panel and allows a full view of the onboard control system.

The Champion OHV engine provides continuous power on propane or natural gas. The generator is shipped from the factory ready to run on natural gas. To convert to propane fuel an orifice in the Master Mixer Assembly (carburetor system) must be changed.

The sound-dampening lining and low-tone muffler reduce noise through a unique baffle system and make this unit the quietest in its class. The noise level is residential-friendly.

The alternator produces less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) to ensure safe use with even the most sensitive electronics.

This generator is available for all 50 states, and the automatic transfer switch is UL and cUL listed in the US and Canada. Buy with confidence - Champion Support and our nationwide network of service centers will back your purchase up with a 10-year/2,000 hour limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support. Designed and engineered in the USA. Manufactured at the Champion facility in Asia.

What’s included

Battery jumper cables (batteries must be purchased locally by installer)
Gas inlet flex hose
Gas inlet hose
Generator Enclosure Keys
Master mixer assembly

  • Whole House 24/7 Power
    The aXis Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch available in 100A, 150A and 200A ratings with Power Management provides seamless, managed power to your entire home during an outage

  • Quietest-in-Class
    Thanks to advanced sound dampening and a specially designed low-tone muffler, this generator operates at a residential-friendly 67 dBA noise level
  • Reliable
    24-volt starting system operates in sub-zero or extreme heat (between -22 F and 104 F) with no warming kit necessary, plus the generator performs weekly self-diagnostic tests
  • Powerful
    The 22-kilowatt generator provides 22000 watts of continuous power on propane and 19800 watts on natural gas, with no refueling, no manual operation and no extension cords needed
  • Champion Support
    Includes 10-year/2,000 hour limited warranty with FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts

For complete specifications click thumbnails at top of this page


Power Rating (vapor propane/natural gas) 22.0 kW / 19.8 kW
(derate by 3.5% per 1,000 feet above sea level)
Motor Starting Capability (approx) way more than 5 ton air conditioner
Output Voltage & Current
(vapor propane/natural gas)
120/240V ±3% single phase
60 Hz ±2% 
91.7 Amps / 82.5 Amps
Sound Level 67 dbA at 23 ft and typical half load
Engine Type Champion
999 cc, __ hp, overhead valve, 
aluminum block with cast iron cylinder liners
Engine and alternator speed 3600 rpm, mechanically governed
Cooling System air cooled
Alternator 2-pole, copper windings, <5% total harmonic distortion,
long life DC brushes, Class H insulation
aXis Digital Control factory protective settings (fixed):
- low oil
- over temperature
- over crank (5 start attempts)
- over Voltage (264 V)
- under Voltage (216 V)
- low battery (< 21.0 V for 5 sec)
user settings (adjustable):
- maintenance reminder (hours)
- exercise times/month (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
- exercise schedule (day of week)
- exercise schedule (time of day)
Starting Temperature -22F to 104F
Enclosure steel easy access innovative gull-wing design
Dimensions 53"L x 28"D x 28"H
Fuel Pressure Requirements natural gas: 5 to 7 inches water column
vapor propane: 10 to 12 inches water column
LP Volume @ 50/100% load 2.0/3.6 gal/hr
NG Volume @ 50/100% load 173/270 cu.ft./hr
Warranty* 10 year / 2,000 hour limited


Rating 100 Amp, 120/240V, 2-pole
22kA short circuit
150 Amp, 120/240V, 2-pole
22kA short circuit
200 Amp, 120/240V, 2-pole
22kA short circuit
Service Entrance Rated? Yes Yes Yes
aXis Digital Control
12 DIP Switch settings:
 1 Load Mgmt Module 1 ON/OFF
 2 Load Mgmt Module 1 ON/OFF
 3 Load Mgmt Module 1 ON/OFF
 4 Load Mgmt Module 1 ON/OFF
 5 Shed all Managed Loads @ 58Hz/57Hz
 6 not used
 7 all Load Management ON/OFF
 8 ATS to GEN comm. PLC/AC2 wired
 9 exercise with/without load
10 single/multiple ATS system
11 automatic exercise ON/OFF
12 accept load delay 45 sec/7 sec
2 DIAL settings:
generator rating in kW
aXis load management? Yes Yes Yes
Branch Circuit Spaces Whole House (unlimited branch circuits)
Enclosure Types aluminum NEMA 3R outdoor aluminum NEMA 3R outdoor aluminum NEMA 3R outdoor
Wire Size range     power: #1 to 3/0 CU/AL
control: #22 to #12 AWG
Dimensions 20"W x 8.3"D x 28"H 20"W x 8.3"D x 28"H 20"W x 8.3"D x 28"H
Weight  lbs  lbs 43 lbs
Click thumbnail images at right to show automatic transfer switch and load management contactor module information Champion-aXis-ATS.jpg (16981 bytes)                                   
               photos                  Automatic Transfer Switch      Load Management Module

* Champion recommends using their dealers to perform maintenance and repairs but that is not always required. It is a case by case situation. If it is an easy repair and the customer is mechanically inclined Champion can send him the part and talk him through the repair without harming his warranty. Champion is pretty easy to work with in regards to warranty cases.


Instant COUPON available. See last dropdown menu below.

Item Number: 100304
Price: $5,450
Price last updated 9/22/2023
Shipping Weight: 640 lbs.
This item ships with free ground freight to the USA 48 states.
If not paying by credit card contact NoOutage before placing order.


We can also ship this item to Alaska, Hawaii, and the US territories. Contact us for a shipping quote.

Part Numbers that can be ordered using the drop-down menus above on this page:
Generators: 100304
Generator/Switch Bundles: 201220, 201378, 201222
Switches: 100206, 100208, 100209


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