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15KW Power Take-Off Generator
Compact Design

Compact PTO Generators are designed as a standby electrical power supply for farm applications or any site that has an engine with a power take-off.  They can utilize a 12 to 40 hp power take-off from tractors, bulldozers, or trucks as the prime mover.  Units are equipped with a single-stage gear box ratio design that operates generator at 3600 rpm for longer life, quieter operation, and smoother running.



* Brushless two pole generator utilizes compound excitation.

* The low harmonic content (less than 8%) is safe for sensitive loads such as computer,
   tv, electronics, yet powerful enough to run motor loads such as your well pump or
   air conditioner.

* Large magnetically shielded voltmeter viewable from tractor seat assists in setting
   tractor speed and monitors output.

* Generator has skewed rotor and damper windings for cleaner ac wave form and to
   minimize speed oscillations (hunting).

* Rugged cast iron gear case with a standard 1-3/8" six-spline 540 rpm input shaft.


Accessories (order separately)

* 1-3/8" six spline pto shaft is fully guarded for safety.

* Two-wheel transport offers heavy 5/16" gauge hitch that can handle the rigors of
   generator operation.  Heavy 10 gauge deck allows room for accessories or tool box.

* Three point hitch offers heavy duty 10 gauge steel construction.



Rated AC Power 15 kW
Surge AC Power 18 kVA
AC Current at 240 V 60 amps (83 amps surge)
Rated Voltage 120/240 V, 1 phase
Output Circuit Breakers yes
Receptacles at 120V (qty) (2) NEMA 5-15R
Receptacles at 240V (qty) (1) NEMA 14-60R
plug included for this receptacle
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Minimum Tractor PTO shaft hp Required for Rated Output 30 hp *
Motor Starting Capability 8 hp (code G)
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year

* A lower PTO shaft hp rating is acceptable but
electrical output will be proportionally less.


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Shipping Weight: 255 lbs.
Dimensions L x W x H (inches): 27 x 19 x 21
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