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3-point hitch PTO10 kW PTO16 kW PTO22 kW PTO31 kW
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(order generator and shaft separately)

Three Point Hitch Kit
IMD PTO Generators
up to 31kW

Hitch Kit assembly, fits category 1 and 2 tractors. Includes convenient holder for shaft (tumbling bar) when it is not in use.  Assembly required.

Order generator and DL26-T40 or DL70-T80 shaft (tumbling bar) kit separately.  Note that depending on your tractor's PTO shaft placement the tumbling bar may have to be cut shorter.


"Free freight" normally indicates that standard ground shipping is included at no extra cost to the USA 48 states.  However, since IMD ships from the east coast our shopping cart will apply an adder for destinations west of the Mississippi to compensate for these long distance deliveries.  Thus, for IMD "free freight" is really true only for the 26 eastern states.  This statement overrides the note below.