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Power Take-Off Generators
50KW 120/240Vac single phase
50-55kW 120/208V 120/240V 277/480V 3-phase

Winco Tractor Driven Alternators provide electrical power for a variety of farm or remote location electrical systems and equipment. Winco has been providing quality standby electrical systems for worldwide use since 1927.  Ruggedly built for truly dependable emergency standby and portable power, Winco has several models to choose from - single and three phase models with self regulation which automatically adjusts voltage to match the load.



* Operates at a slow 1800 RPM
* Heavy duty construction
* Three year limited warranty
* Circuit breakers
* Convenience power outlets
* Shielded PTO shaft



AC, 4-pole revolving armature, statically excited and regulated. Drip proof control box. External grounding lug.

Generator rotates at a slow 1800RPM for longer life.

Three year warranty covers entire alternator against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. After 1 year, factory repair and reconditioning service is available at cost of labor within 3 years of purchase date. Detailed warranty certificate enclosed with each alternator; sample copy available upon request.


Accessories (order separately)

* pto shaft is fully guarded for safety.

* Two-wheel transport offers heavy gauge hitch that can handle the rigors of
   generator operation.  Heavy 10 gauge deck allows room for accessories or tool box.

* 3-point Hitch Kit (cat 2)

* Manual transfer switches



Model 50PTOC4-03 50PTOC4-04 50PTOC4-17 55PTOC4-18
Voltage 120/240V
1 phase
3 phase
3 phase
3 phase
Standby Rated AC Power
(150C rise in 40C ambient max)
50kW 50kW 50kW 55kW
     Current @ 1.0 pf 208A @ 240V 138A @ 208V 120A @ 240V 66A @ 480V
     Current @ 0.8 pf n/a 173A @ 208V 150A @ 240V 82A @ 480V
Continuous Rated Power
(105C rise in 40C ambient max)
40kW 42kW 42kW 46.4kW
     Current @ 1.0 pf 166A @ 240V 116A @ 208V 101A @ 240V 55A @ 480V
     Current @ 0.8 pf n/a 145A @ 208V 126A @ 240V 69A @ 480V
Voltage Regulation 10% 10% 10% 10%
Output Circuit Breaker 200A 175A 175A 75A
Motor Starting Capability 20hp 22.5hp 22.5hp 25hp
Minimum Tractor PTO shaft hp Required for Rated Output 100hp * 100hp * 100 hp * 110hp *
Voltage Regulation AVR 1% AVR 1% AVR 1% AVR 1%
Receptacles at 120V (qty) (2) NEMA 5-20R (2) NEMA 5-20R (2) NEMA 5-20R none
Receptacles at 240V (qty) (1) NEMA 6-50R

(1) 350A full power modular with mating plug included

(1) NEMA 6-50R

(1) 350A full power modular with mating plug included

(1) NEMA 6-50R

(1) 350A full power modular with mating plug included


(1) 350A full power modular with mating plug included

PTO Speed 540rpm
(1000rpm optional)
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years

* A lower PTO shaft hp rating is acceptable but electrical output will be proportionally less.

   Concerning use in Canada, this product is built from CSA certified components (with the exception of the
   alternator end) but is not CSA certified as a complete assembly.  Therefore, it cannot be used on construction
   sites in Canada.  But it is normally acceptable for residential and farm use..


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Pick option using dropdown menu before pressing button.

50PTOC4-03, 50PTOC4-04, 50PTOC4-17
for 540rpm pto input
for 540rpm pto input
50PTOT4-03, 50PTOT4-04, 50PTOT4-17
for 1000rpm pto input
for 1000rpm pto input