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Donut Current Sensor
for Reliance analog watt meters

Donut current sensor for all Reliance analog watt meters.  Rated up to 60 amps maximum at 125Vac.  Window opening for cable is 0.35" diameter.  Outside 0.93" diameter.  Leads are 12" long and have slip-on terminals.  This sensor only for use with Reliance analog watt meters 7230 and 7231.

SHIPPING CHARGE NOTE: When this and other small parts are the only items on an order we are usually able to make the shipping cost less than shown by our online shopping cart. This is possible if the parts are in stock at our location and we can ship by US Priority Mail to your address. This adjustment will be applied at the time of shipment when we bill your card. The reduced flat minimum mailing charge is $10. However, if the parts are NOT in stock and we have to ship direct from the Reliance factory then standard UPS shipping charges shown by our shopping cart will apply.