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Tripp Lite APS Series


The Tripp Lite APS Series Automatic Power System is an alternative energy source for every situation.  Tripp Lite includes a high-efficiency DC to AC inverter, a 3-stage advanced battery charger, and an automatic transfer switch all in one package.  It offers an alternative source of affordable AC power in both off-grid and emergency situations. 

To help clarify the similarities and differences between the APS and other typical UPS Systems look at the comparison chart below.  We have chosen the Tripp Lite BC Pro 1400 since this is a low-end UPS system that has a rating similar to the APS912.


Parameter APS912 BC Pro 1400


Continuous Output Rating 900VA/900W 1400VA/940W  
Surge Output Rating 1800VA/1800W 1400VA/940W Only the APS is suitable for starting large motors
Output in battery mode 120VAC 5% 120VAC 5%  
Output Receptacles (2) NEMA 5-15R (6) NEMA 5-15R  
Remote Control Option Yes No  
Serial Port No Yes  
Voltage switch to battery mode <75, 85, 95, 105VAC
or >135, 145VAC
<94VAC fixed APS has setpoints fully adjustable by user
Automatic Transfer Time 4-6 milliseconds 2-4 milliseconds  
Backup Time unlimited 24 min. half load
8 min. full load
User supplies external batteries for APS
Battery Types sealed gel cells or wet cells supplied by user only sealed gel cell supplied in unit Battery type is user selectable on APS
Battery Replacement originally provided by user, easily replaced, low cost if wet cells used replaceable by user through battery door but gel cell is costly  
Surge Protection none
(user adds at line plug)
480 Joules internal
(not user replaceable)
User supplies surge protection at input. This allows selection of any level with easy replacement.
UL Listing No Yes  
Initial Cost Comparison:
Base System Price $379 $440 Prices approximate as of September 2000
Battery Cost $35
see notes
included Battery for APS is based on a small 34 A-Hr #U1DC-6
Surge Protection $25 included internally Protection for APS based on ISOBLOK2-0 rated 600 Joules
Battery Cables and fuse $67 included internally Based on item number CABSET912


$506 $440  

Note: Run-time for APS can easily be extended for little cost.   For example, the 34 amp-hour #U1DC-6 battery priced above can be switched to a 115 amp-hour #27DC-6 for more than triple the run time.  The additional cost is only $20.   (These battery prices are based on the EverStart deep cycle batteries manufactured by Johnson Controls for Wal-mart, September 2000.)