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Charge Controls & Battery Chargers

table-arrow.gif (695 bytes) Brand Volts Charge/
Load Amps
$ US
Battery Charge Controls for use with DC Solar Modules
SUNSAVER6 Morningstar 12 6.5/6.0 LVD optional
SUNSAVER10 Morningstar 12 10/10 LVD optional
SUNSAVER20LVD Morningstar 12 20/20 LVD included
SUNSAVER10/24LVD Morningstar 24 10/10 LVD included
SUNSAVER20/24LVD Morningstar 24 20/20 LVD included
PROSTAR15 Morningstar 12/24 15/15 Meter optional
PROSTAR30 Morningstar 12/24 30/30 Meter optional
Battery Charge Controllers for use with any type of DC power source
C-12 Schneider El. 12 12 lighting control discontinued
Morningstar 125 to 12/24/48 45
PWM controller

can be used as a diversion load controller

C-35 Schneider El. 55 to 12/24 35/35
C-40 Schneider El. 125 to 12/24/48 40/40
C-60 Schneider El. 55 to 12/24 60/60
OutBack Power 150 to 12/24/36/48/60 60/60
MPPT controller

can be used as a dc step-down voltage controller

DLS120-24V-25A Iota 120 to 24 25
DLS120-24V-40A Iota 120 to 24 40
DLS120-48V-15A Iota 120 to 48 15
Battery Chargers/Converters powered by AC
BATTEND022 DelTran 12/24 6/3  
DLS30 Iota 12 30 optional IQ-4, DLS-VS
DLS45 Iota 12 45 optional IQ-4, DLS-VS
DLS55 Iota 12 55 optional IQ-4, DLS-VS
DLS75-IQ Iota 12 75 optional DLS-VS,
IQ-4 included
DLS24-25 Iota 24 25 optional IQ-4, DLS-VS
DLS24-50 Iota 24 50 optional IQ-4, DLS-VS CALL
IQ-4 Iota specify
12 or 24
any for DLS converters
DLS-VS Iota any any  

1) LVD = low battery voltage disconnect turns off loads to protect from overdischarge.


Relays, Timers, Monitors

table-arrow.gif (695 bytes) Description Ratings Options Price
$ US
RLY-40A Power Relay - DPDT 40A 12/24/110VDC, 24/120/240VAC, dust cover
TDR-SS Time Delay Relay - solid state, 1NO, on-delay 120VAC, 1A 0.05 to 60 sec in 4 models
TDR-MF Time Delay Relay - multi-function, DPDT, 0.1 sec to 10 min 5A 24/120/240VAC in 3 models
mounting socket included
VAKPU-70169D Voltage Monitor Relay - single phase, DPDT, 0.1 to 10 sec delay, LED 10A 240VAC single phase
under or over voltage

octal mounting socket included
PMPU-70169D Voltage Monitor Relay - three phase, SPDT, 0.1 to 20 sec delay, LED 10A 208-480VAC three phase
under voltage, over voltage, phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance
octal mounting socket included


Switchgear/Power Panels

table-arrow.gif (695 bytes) Input Inverters AC Output   Starting Price
$ US
FLEXware250 12/24/48Vdc (1)FX/GFX 120V, 2000-3600W  
FLEXware500 12/24/48Vdc (2)FX/GFX 120V or 120/240V,
FLEXware1000 12/24/48Vdc (4)FX/GFX 120V or 120/240V,
Panelboard P1 250Vdc or 480Vac max --- 400 Amps max   approx


Pre-assembled Power Panels
Preassembled and integrated "balance of system" panels include inverters
and all control equipment necessary to meet NEC requirements.  Completely wired at
the factory and tested.  Just hook up your loads, battery bank, solar modules
and any other dc sources*, generator* and tie in to your utility* supply.
See Configuration E7.  *Optional.


table-arrow.gif (695 bytes) Input Inverters AC Output Charger Output Amps List Price
$ US

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1) Substitute 12 or 24 for ## above at time of ordering to specify 12 or 24 VDC for the DR series (24 or 48 for the SW series).
2) Additional models are available.  Send us an email if you don't see what you are looking for.

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