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Storage Batteries

  • Flooded Lead Acid


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Valve Regulated Lead Acid (Gel Cells)
Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are maintenance-free, non-spillable, and have
a superior shelf life.  A "gel" battery is a VRLA storage battery that is sealed using special
pressure valves and should never be opened.  An Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) battery
offers the same features except the electrolyte is absorbed in separators of matted glass fibers
and it provides better performance.  Gel and AGM batteries are less susceptible to freezing
than FLA batteries.  They also carry non-hazardous classifications and can be mounted in
other positions besides horizontal.

table-arrow.gif (695 bytes) Manufacturer Type Capacity
$ US
PVX Concorde
Sun Xtender
VRLA AGM 21-165Ah @ 1hr rate
38-305Ah @ 120hr rate
12Vdc starting at




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