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Why Recondition that old UPS?

Why recondition that old UPS instead of simply purchasing a new unit?

The cost of reconditioning can be up to 70% less than purchasing a new UPS.

What do you do when your UPS Systems no longer provide value to your organization and your current methods of disposal do not meet EPA Standards?  Most UPS systems contain lead acid batteries which must be recycled properly.  Our reconditioning service takes care of that for you in accordance with EPA regulations.

Computer and electronic waste is a mounting global problem. The United States alone creates over 2 million tons of electronic waste annually. When improperly discarded, this waste releases toxic substances such as lead and arsenic. and our reconditioning service is committed to helping the environment by recycling old UPS units. We need to act now to ensure that this world remains a safe place for our future generations. Do your part by sending your old UPS units to us so that we can recondition them, and if that is not feasible, properly dispose of them.  We maintain a Zero Landfill Policy.





Description of UPS Reconditioning Services has partnered with the world's largest reconditioning and repair center for (UPS) Uninterruptible Power Supplies. It is also North America's largest authorized after-warranty battery replacement and repair center for American Power Conversion and can service some other brands of UPS.  Unlike some other repair companies, we provide ALL the following with our Standard 11-Point Reconditioning Service Plan:

• Free pickup of your UPS unit (up to 150 lbs) from your designated facility, within the
  contiguous 48 U.S. States to our service center.  Ground transit time 3-5 days for most areas.
• A 36 MONTH “BUMPER TO BUMPER” Full Thirty Six (36) Month Warranty on ALL Parts and Service
  related to any subsequent service issues, with respect to the reconditioned unit and it’s subsequent
  performance; Giving you the same confidence and protection as the 1st day you purchased your UPS.
  The warranty covers all problems excluding those caused by shipping or abuse.
• 48 Hour turn around service from the time the UPS unit is received.
• New Battery Replacement in accordance with manufacturer’s battery pack specifications …
  providing the same back-up as the 1st day you purchased your UPS unit.
• Recycling of used batteries in accordance with EPA regulations.
• FULL internal & external inspection of your UPS Unit by our factory trained and authorized
  Senior Electronics Technicians.
• Repair or Replacement of electronic components up to $30.00 in parts at no additional cost.
• Computerized re-calibration which includes Inverter, Rectifier, Transformer, reset battery constants
  and the charging voltage. In addition we perform ECO’s as specified by the manufacturer at no
  additional charge!
• UPS load testing at full power. Review failure analysis potential using computerized supplied power
  and perform data assessment.
• Internal and External Cleaning of each UPS System.
• Reusable Customized High Density shipping inserts and a high stress-shipping container for continued
  use and ease in proactively servicing your units.