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Automatic Transfer Switches
Cummins single phase

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These switches are for use with the automatic standby generators we sell  
and should be installed by a qualified electrician or electrical contractor.  Local permits may be required.
Remember that the transfer switch current rating must be at least high enough to carry full rated load of your
generator.  It also must match or exceed the current rating of the upstream breaker or fuse protection that will
supply normal utility power.  Most jurisdictions do not require the transfer device to switch the neutral.  Therefore
these prices do not include the extra pole for that purpose.  If your local codes or application requires the neutral to
be switched contact us for a special quote.  We can also provide custom enclosures to house these switches if you
have harsh environments.

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Works with

$ US

RSS100 Automatic Transfer Switch - Cummins Power Generation, 100 Amp, 240V, 50/60Hz any automatic standby generator rated 120/240VAC with 2 wire start control
RSS200 Automatic Transfer Switch - Cummins Power Generation, 200 Amp, 240V, 50/60Hz
OTEC225 Automatic Transfer Switch -Cummins 225A with PowerCommand control any automatic standby generator with 2 wire start control

optional adders for:
outdoor 3R enclosure
battery charger
single phase 2 pole
service entrance rated
5 year warranty
OTEC400 Automatic Transfer Switch -Cummins 400A 240V with PowerCommand control
more Cummins Automatic Transfer Switches - request quote