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affiliate Wiring Simplified 44th Edition Based on the 2014 NEC - Richter
Updated to adhere to current National Electrical Code standards, this manual provides general information about electrical inspections and electrical code enforcement for residential and small-farm application. Homeowners learn how to understand codes and safety, select and connect wires, ground for safety, and install service equipment. Detailed drawings illustrate how to wire electrical devices, such as receptacles and different types of switches, with a focus on ensuring safe installations. Also discussed are special wiring projects such as modernizing old wiring and working with power-limited wiring. Paperback, Park Publishing (WI)
affiliate Independent Energy Guide: Electrical Power for Home, Boat, and RV - Jeffrey
With this comprehensive guide you can plan the ideal independent power system for your home, boat or RV. You'll understand how a power system works, be able to talk intelligently with equipment suppliers about your needs, and have the necessary tools to make and manage your own electricity. Beyond the efficient production and consumption of electrical power, this book offers a window to the world of independent living, a world that encompasses elements such as shelter, food, health, education and recreation. These elements of an independent life-style come together in the home, whether the home exists in a house on land or a boat at sea, or temporarily in a recreational vehicle. Paperback, Avalon House Pub.
affiliate Generators and Inverters: Building Small Combined Heat and Power Systems for Remote Locations and Emergency Situations - Chastain
This book should probably be called “The Small Power Generation Bible” If you have any questions about small power generation then this is the book for you! Whether you want to build it or buy it, this book has all the essential details for assembling a small power plant for full time or emergency use. See Steve convert a Ford Pinto engine into a reliable generator with a homemade propane carburetor and governor. Build an automatic or remote starter, so you don‛t have to go outside to get your power going in bad weather! Build an engine protection device that turns the generator off in case of low oil pressure or high temperature. Find out how to safely isolate the engine vibration so that you wont crack your concrete slab. Learn how to make your generator as quiet your new car at idle! Discover how to convert most of the engine‛s heat into hot water for heating and home or see how Steve uses it to heat his pool! Learn about transfer switches, 2 pole and 4 pole alternators and how to properly size your generator for reliable operation. Learn about different fuels such as gas, diesel, propane, bio diesel, used oil, even sewer gas! Know if your fuel tanks will float in case of a flood and how to calculate “Adequate Separation Distance” from buildings, trees and people. Get all the important details on batteries and battery back up systems. You get essential information on lightening basics…and more! This book pushes the limit for the amount of information that you can cram into one book If you have ever thought about generators or had a question about small power plants then you will want this book! Trade paper, Stephen D. Chastain
affiliate Motors As Generators for Micro-Hydro Power - Smith
    This is a guide to the use of induction motors for electricity generation in remote locations. It is written as a practical handbook for engineers and technicians involved in designing and installing small water power schemes for isolated houses and communities.
    If you want to produce a.c. electricity from your own small hydro electric scheme you could use a synchronous generator but, for a variety of reasons, most of the readily available (and cheaper) generators of this type are not suited to this type of drive. A more robust, and considerably cheaper, solution is to use a modified induction motor as a generator, and it is these modifications which are covered in this book. If you are interested, you should note that “It has been assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of single and three-phase circuits and induction motors.” Trade paper, ITDG comments: Using an induction motor for micro hydro power systems eliminates the need for a dc-ac inverter. This book is from the UK and discusses 50Hz systems and uses some European terminology. But the principles can easily be applied to North American electrical systems.  Plenty of example calculations included. 
affiliate Secrets of Lead Acid Batteries - Lindsay
    This was originally written and published in 1979 when so many people were still actively exploring alternative energy systems. Geeks and dreamers fantasize about the newest hi-tech batteries and that incredible energy generation system they're going to build so they can disconnect from the grid. People with their feet on the ground realize that the common ol' lead-acid cell represents the cheapest, quickest way to getting the job done. Life is about getting results. And lead-acid is one great success story because it gets results. Here you learn the ins and outs of using these old workhorses.
     What you get is a distillation of complex industrial texts. This has been "translated" for the experimenter with limited technical background so that it is easy to read and understand.
     You learn about battery chemistry and why these things work at all. You learn what specific gravity is and how it's used to measure charge. You learn how very high and very low temperatures affect performance, about the different ways to charge batteries, about gassing problems, cell equalization and more.
     You learn how to connect batteries in various configurations to get a large energy storage device. You learn about the so-called "secret rejuvenators" sold to suckers, and about a simple treatment that will sometimes restore part of an old battery's performance. You get sample calculations, techniques the pro's use, problems to watch, and more.
     Again this was written for people who want to use lead-acid cells for purposes other than starting their cars. And this is the absolutely essential knowledge you must have if you are to make your station battery work properly. But it will also help anyone who regularly deals with auto batteries. It's amazing how common lead-acid batteries are, and how little anyone knows about them. You can be different. Customers have spoken highly about this jam-packed publication over the years. Get a copy. 
affiliate National Electrical Code 2014 Handbook - NFPA
Produced by the NFPA, the popular National Electrical Code Handbook contains the complete text of the NEC supplemented by helpful facts and figures, full-color illustrations, real-world examples and expert commentary. An essential reference for students and professionals, this Handbook is the equivalent of an annotated edition of the NEC that offers insights into new and more difficult articles in order to guide users to success in interpreting and applying current Code requirements to all types of electrical installations. A valuable information resource for anyone involved in electrical design, installation and inspection, the NEC Handbook is updated every three years and provides 100% of the information needed to meet Code and avoid costly errors. 1500+ pages, hardcover,
affiliate Westinghouse: The Life and Times of An American Icon 
     This feature documentary is a biography of America’s greatest industrialist, George Westinghouse. Here is the story of his companies, legacy, and personality, an honest millionaire in the days of robber barons, an optimist in the days of skeptics and a generous CEO. Included is the story of his partnership with Nikola Tesla and his conflict with Thomas Edison over the future of electric power.
DVD Release Date: March 16, 2016; Run Time: 112 minutes.
     This is an excellent
video about a true inventor and engineer who is overshadowed by Thomas Edison. It is apparent that George Westinghouse deserves far more credit by history than he has received.

Also viewable on youtube here.





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