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Surge Arrester

Surge arrester module for plug-on load center panel mounting is simple to install.  Designed to fit Westinghouse type BR Load Centers requiring two 1 inch adjacent pole spaces.  Installation is completed by connecting the single white wire to the panel's neutral bar.  This one device will protect your entire downstream electrical system although surge protectors are still recommended at sensitive appliances, electronic equipment and computers.  Designed for use on single-phase, three-wire 120/240 Vac electrical services.  Uses metal oxide varistor (MOV) design to arrest voltage surges with a low resistance path line-to-line, or line-to-neutral, or line-to-ground while providing a high resistance path to the 50/60 Hz power source.  The MOV responds faster and has a lower clamping voltage than comparable gapped arresters.  Individual non-replaceable internal fuse links protect each MOV and open in the event of a surge that damages an MOV.  The LED on the face of the unit indicates operational status of the arrester.  If the light is on the unit is fully operational.  When the LED indicator goes off, the unit should be replaced.  This item is UL Listed for use with Westinghouse type BR load center panels but will also fit many other manufacturers' load center panels that accept standard interchangeable 1 inch breakers.  Suitable for use in service entrance locations and meets the requirements of NEC Article 280.


Detailed Specifications

Parameter Value
Secondary Surge Arrester Voltage Rating 120/240 Vac systems
Lead Length 8 inches
Discharge Voltage @ 1,500 amps 345 V line to neutral
Discharge Voltage @ 3,000 amps 370 V line to neutral
Discharge Voltage @ 5,000 amps 500 V line to neutral
Discharge Voltage @ 10,000 amps 545 V line to neutral