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AC Residential Surge Capacitor
125/250Vac, single phase, 3-wire


Surge capacitors function differently from surge arresters.  Arresters begin to conduct at a voltage above normal line voltage after a specific time delay.  Capacitors conduct current at normal line voltage continually, therefore there is no time delay or voltage change before the capacitors begin to conduct.  A surge arrester or suppressor might act in as little as five nanoseconds.  A surge capacitor reacts continually, therefore the response time is zero.  An arrester or suppressor might react to as little as a ten percent increase in voltage.  A capacitor will react to any increase in voltage.  Surge capacitors can handle fast low energy surges that can get by an arrester or a surge suppressor.  When combined, Delta surge arresters and capacitors can handle high current surges that are too large for an MOV, a surge arrester, or a surge suppressor.  Use of both the Delta surge arrester and the Delta surge capacitor will provide more complete protection.  While it is not possible to achieve 100% protection, Delta units will greatly reduce problems due to lightning, power surges, and voltage spikes.  Delta surge capacitors are waterproof and can be used on outdoor panels.  Made in USA  

Lightning is a major source of voltage spikes that can damage or destroy your investment.  Don't risk the damage and outage time by not installing arresters!

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Note that all arresters and capacitors can fail when hit with a high surge due to a nearby lightning strike.  This capacitor is designed to limit consequences of such a failure. 


* Locknut and bushing furnished for simple mounting.
* Extra long 18" #12 THHN leads for ease of installation.
* An internal automatic discharge circuit is provided.
* Non-conductive base to prevent capacitor from being a shock hazard.
* 4-1/2" high, 2-1/4" diameter
* PVC weatherproof case
* Locknut and washer furnished
* UL and cUL Listed.

Simple to install on outside of load center panel, or inside.

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