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Typical good and bad coils Replacement coil installed on solenoid Some have rectifiers and varistors under tape Replacement coil with new bobbin
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Coil Rewind/Replacement Service
for solenoids and contactors of automatic transfer switches
and some other equipment
Eaton, Cutler-Hammer, GE Zenith, ASCO, Cummins Onan, and others


Have a perfectly good automatic transfer switch with a failed operating coil?  Can't get a new replacement coil from the manufacturer?  Or do they want to sell you a whole new contactor assembly or switch at an exorbitant price?  We can usually help with a lower-cost rewind option!

Rewind Coil
If the coil looks like it overheated read on.  Or if the coil looks fine but no longer functions, it is probably open circuit in the winding.  This can be checked with a multi-tester.

Types of coils that we can rewind
We can usually rewind these types of coils...
     * open style with winding visible
     * encapsulated coils (can usually be replaced with open style)
     * winding covered with tape
     * winding with hanging wire leads with stripped or crimp terminal ends

Types of coils that we currently CANNOT rewind
We usually CANNOT rewind these types of coils...
     * winding contained with metal case that cannot be removed
     * winding on a toroid (donut)
     * winding on a transformer core which must be removed lamination by lamination

If in doubt email us a photo.

To place a rewind order
     * troubleshoot circuit to make sure that the coil is indeed failed
     * remove coil from mechanism and plunger
     * weigh the coil (to estimate copper content)
     * examine surface of coil for smoothness (if any large lumps then there may be
             additional components such as rectifiers, surge suppressors or dropping resistors)
     * check for another identical coil in good and working condition that can be sent for inspection
     * select options below and add to shopping cart
     * checkout and enter addresses
     * we will acknowledge order with instructions where to mail the coil(s)
     * if you can mail us the entire solenoid assembly that is even better as we can verify the plunger clearances
     * after we receive the coil(s) we will perform a technical evaluation
     * if price will be different we will contact you with a revised price and give you the option to cancel at no charge
     * if we determine we cannot do the rewind we will return the coils to you at no charge

We will use the sample coil that you provide to manufacture a brand new bobbin.

We then wind the new bobbin with new magnet wire of the proper gauge with the correct number of turns, install it on the solenoid that you provide, electrically compare the resistance of the new coil with the original specs, and test the mechanical operation of the solenoid when power is applied. Once all that is complete we ship it to you along with terminals, wire ties and installation instructions.




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