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Diversion Loads - Air Heating
for use with micro hydroelectric and wind generators


These diversion loads are used to dissipate extra electricity from wind and hydroelectric turbines to prevent overcharging batteries.  Use the following formulas to compute and convert the electrical parameters.

     To calculate current:   Amps = Volts Ohms

     To calculate power:     Watts = Volts x Volts Ohms

Do not exceed maximum allowable wattages.

APRS Enclosed Versions - 600W max at 12/24/48V

APRS World's dump load is available as a building block element. The base block is 600 Watts.  Mounting base is required and must be purchased separately.  Designed for safe, easy and code-compliant wiring.  These resistor loads enclosed with a vented stainless steel cover on a powder coated chassis.  The enclosure may get hot during operation and should be mounted at least 12" from any flammable material.  Available in two versions: 0.375 ohm 12V model which can be reconfigured to 1.5 ohms 24V or 6 ohm 48V model.  Reconfiguration easily done at terminal block.  Warranty 2 years.

Enclosure screws, jumpers and instructions included.


HL Enclosed Versions - 600W max at 12/24/48V

These resistive loads enclosed in vented aluminum boxes can be used in 12, 24 and 48 Volt diversion regulation systems. The aluminum box may get very hot in operation. It should be mounted on a nonflammable surface and should be at least 12" from any flammable material.
Choose a heater from the table below to match the output of your system.

WARNING: These heaters should be checked annually for bad or burnt connections resulting in excessive heat from loose wires or incorrectly set systems. If not correctly set, generator power could be diverted into the heater. Look for burnt, discolored wires or broken resistors. 

The HL-100 can be configured as a 4 Ohm, 1 Ohm, 0.5 Ohm or 0.25 Ohm load by changing the connections.

The HL-75 can be configured as a 3 Ohm or 0.75 Ohm load by changing the connections.

Model Resistance
Diversion load Amps & Watts at these Voltages
(12V nom)
(12V nom)
(24V nom)
(24V nom)
(48V nom)
(48V nom)
HL-100 0.25 Ohm 56A/784W 60A/900W over rating over rating over rating over rating
0.50 Ohm 28A/392W 30A/450W over rating over rating over rating over rating
1 Ohm 14A/196W 15A/225W 28A/784W 30A/900W over rating over rating
4 Ohms 3.5A/49W 3.8A/56W 7A/196W 7.5A/225W 14A/784W 15A/900W
HL-75 0.75 Ohms 19A/261W 20A/300W 38A/1045W 40A/1200W over rating over rating
3 Ohms 4.7A/65W 5A/75W 9.3A/261W 10A/300W 19A/1045W 20A/1200W


Finned Versions - 1900W max at 120V

This resistive load is finned and needs no enclosure.  Resistance is fixed at approximately 7.58 Ohms and can be operated at up to 120V.  Unit is 21" long x 2" wide x 1.37" high over the fins.  Sheath temperature can reach 1200F when operated at 120V but will be significantly less at lower operating voltages.  Includes high temperature porcelain terminal covers.  Terminal studs are #10-32.  See below for power dissipated at various voltages.

24V 76 Watts
36V 171 Watts
48V 304 Watts
60V 475 Watts
96V 1216 Watts
120V 1900 Watts


Ordering Table:

APRS Enclosed Versions Finned Versions
12Vdc 0.375 Ohm 40A/24Vdc 1.5 Ohm 20A 24V 76W through 120V 1900W

APRS 48Vdc 6.0 Ohm 10A

APRS Mounting Bases

HL Enclosed Versions