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Diversion Load - Water Heating
28V 817W max or 56V 1265W max

for use with micro hydroelectric and wind generators


Low-Voltage Water Heating Element

These low-voltage water heating elements are for use as diversion loads for wind or hydroelectric systems. Use one or more of these heating elements with a charge controller designed for load diversion, such as the Xantrex C-40 or C-60, or the Morningstar TS-45 or TS-60 to turn your excess power into hot water. They fit most electric water heaters with screw-in elements. We have one model for 12- and 24-volt systems and another for higher power 24- and 48-volt systems. Each unit has two elements that can be wired in series or parallel or used individually, depending on voltage and desired load Watts. See table to determine what each element will draw at various charging voltages.

If your water heater tank is designed for square flange elements, use one square flange adapter for each element. 1-inch male pipe threads. 2-year warranty.

To calculate current:   amps = volts / ohms

To calculate power:     watts = volts x volts /ohms

Do not exceed maximum allowable wattages.


Regulation Voltage

14V on 12V system 28V on 24V system 56V on 48V system
Model Connection Ohms Amps Watts Amps Watts Amps Watts
12/24V series 0.96 14.6 204 29.2 817    
single 0.48 29.2 408        
parallel 0.24 58.3 817        
12/24/48V series 2.48 5.6 79 11.3 316 22.6 1265
single 1.24 11.3 158 22.6 632    
parallel 0.62 22.6 316 45.2 1265    


If your water heater uses square flange type elements order the adaptor below.