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NEW Energy Command Auto Gen Start 
Cummins RV Generators


To see if the AGS+ is compatible with your generator, view our AGS+ Compatibility Guide here.

Development started in 2015 and is FINALLY available... The Energy Command Auto Gen Start (AGS+) allows you to remotely monitor and manage your RV generator and set up automatic generator starting, all from your mobile device. With an easy-to-use mobile interface, it sends notifications and gives you access to your generator. Just download the app to your iOS or Android device, hookup your AGS+ to your RV, and you’re ready to operate remotely. Auto Generator Start Feature is not compatible with Lithium Batteries. Typical Bluetooth range is 30 feet, but this may vary depending on your environment.


• Auto Gen Start Capability
• Remote System Operation​
• Advanced Diagnostic Capability
• Power System Component Monitoring (i.e. maintenance and exercise reminders, generator hours,
  RV temperature, fault codes, current operation status, battery level, etc.)​


• Mobile Device App / Bluetooth Connectivity​ (iOS and Android)


• EC-AGS+ Gateway
• Wireless Temperature Sensor
• Power Harness
• Y-Harness


• Less wiring – DIY installation possible
• Wireless Temperature Sensors (place anywhere in coach)
• Up to 3 per device
• Wireless connectivity to personal mobile devices or standalone HMI


• Don’t worry about your pets when you leave
• Charge up your battery automatically before quiet time, so you have power all night
• Start up the generator manually* from your phone or through voice activation (“Hey Siri/Google”)
• Safety device prevents activation in storage

        *A Bluetooth connection is required to make changes to the generator or to manually start/stop the generator.


• Remote software and firmware updates – no need to call a technician to do that
• Temporary access for technicians
• Access to generator information (model and serial number)


• Receive notifications regarding maintenance & diagnostic alerts
• Set automatic generator start triggers such as temperature (to turn on air conditioning)
• Monitor temperature in up to three rooms or zones within the RV
• Program "quiet time" hours and battery charging preferences

After reviewing the Compatibility Guide here select and place order below.

for gasoline and propane fueled RV gensets
for diesel fueled RV gensets

Item Number: A065U664
Price: $384
Price last updated 10/5/2023
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 1 week or less.

Item Number: A065U740
Price: $384
Price last updated 10/5/2023
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 1 week or less.


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