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101W 240VAC Solar PV Module

AC solar module with 101 watt 240 VAC 60Hz output for grid tied connection only. Polycrystalline silicon cells, tempered glass front, heavy aluminum frame, Trace microsine inverter.  Inverter was also sold as a model OK4U outside the USA.

AC Photovoltaic Modules are the ideal approach to building an incremental PV utility intertie system. The advantages of this modular approach for a utility interconnect are the low minimum system size, the ease of system expansion, and the cost savings in installation and design. The effect of shading or mis-orientation of individual modules on overall array power output performance is minimized because each module operates independently. The modular inverters automatically sense the presence of the utility grid and are able supply power to it with very little sunlight because of their maximum power point tracking ability. Utility required islanding protection is automatic. Using AC modules reduces system design to a simple matter of choosing how many AC modules to utilize. It is no longer necessary to configure a PV array to match the voltage, current and power requirements of a conventional central power conditioner. By maximum power tracking each module independently, mismatch losses between modules of an array are eliminated. Expensive and hard to find DC-rated switches, fuses, and power-robbing blocking diodes are eliminated.

This module is designed to produce 101 Watts of utility grade AC power at 240 Volts and 60 Hz. The heart of this module is the Trace Microsine integrated inverter. This is a palm-sized, 100 Watt, inverter designed to be mounted on the back of a PV module. We mount the Microsine of the back of a PV module. These modules can be wired in parallel using standard AC installation methods and components. The system is completely modular; simply add another module when you are ready to expand.



•Voltage Configuration: 240 VAC, 60 Hz for direct utility tie application
•112 W Maximum Rated Module Power
•101 W AC Power Output

Benefits of AC PV Modules

•Each inverter works independently -- if one fails, the other AC PV modules will keep on providing power into the utility grid
•High modularity allows easy system expansion, start with one module and easily add more to the system as money and time allow
•Low minimum system size, one solar panel coupled with one AC PV module is all that is needed
•Use of standard AC installation methods and components
•Reduced losses in wiring, AC experiences significantly less loss than DC during transmission
•Maximizes system performance since each PV module operates at its peak power point (peak power point tracking)
•No need for power robbing string or bypass diodes
•Less potential for lightning damage because of reduced DC wiring
•Weather proof, encapsulated construction protects electronics
•Compatible with most solar modules
•Reduced electrical bills

MicroSine Benefits

•High efficiency -- comparable to traditional utility interactive inverters (89% average, 92.5% peak)
•Very good power quality -- meets European and IEEE standards
•Good performance on electromagnetic compatibility, meeting the EMC standards VDE0871, both classes A and B
•Very low stand-by power of 0.003 Watts
•Built-in islanding protection - frequency and voltage are monitored continuously, as well as the waveform's zero crossing
•Extremely low light operation -- when connected to a 100 Watt PV module, power will be produced with as little as 15 Watts per square meter of solar irradiation
•Built-in computer interface allows monitoring of each AC PV module system - total kilowatt-hours delivered, internal inverter temperature, AC output current, utility grid AC voltage and DC voltage of the PV module is available via an RS 485 port
•Field adjustable voltage and frequency limits (When using the optional OKE485 interface and software)
•Engineered and tested for an expected operating life of over 20 years
•2 year warranty on inverter

PV Module Certifications, Qualifications, Construction and Specs

•This assembly currently uses Evergreen solar modules
•20 year warranty on solar module


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