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PV Roofing Laminate Layout on roof Kits for RVs
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PV Roofing Laminate
82W to 300W
for standing seam metal roofs
(can also be used on other types of surfaces)




This product is designed specifically for rooftops.

Integrates with the roofing surface
  • No mounting hardware required
  • No roof penetrations that can later leak
  • No wind loading to be evaluated
Flexible Module
  • Fits many roof types
  • Durable, non-breakable
Light weight
  • 0.7 pounds per square foot
  • No structural reinforcement is normally required


These solar cells are made from Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) thin-film solar on a flexible substrate in a plant in the USA.

High efficiency CIGS
  • 10.4% to 12.6% aperture efficiency
  • 50% more efficient than flexible amorphous silicon
High performance
  • Performs in all light conditions
  • Shade tolerant
Covers entire roof area
  • Lays flat.  No tilt required.
  • Minimum module spacing permitted.


Large, medium and small format modules to choose from
  • 225-300 Watts, 45-54 Vdc, dimensions 226" x 19.3"
  • 165-200 Watts, 32-36 Vdc, dimensions 153" x 19.3"
  • 82-100 Watts, 15-18 Vdc, dimensions 83" x 19.5"
  • 30% to 40% savings in balance of system and installation costs


  • Grid-Connected Metal Roof Shade & Parking Structures
  • Grid-Connected Agricultural Metal Roof Structures
  • Residential Grid-Connected Systems
  • Schools, Municipalities & Institutions
  • Renovation or New Construction


Electrical parameters +10% at standard test conditions(STC) of 1000W/m2 and 25°C cell temperature.
AM1.5 solar reference spectrum (ASTM E892).
Note that the
grayed-out ratings in the table below are no longer manufactured.

  Large Format Module Medium Format Module Small Format Module
Dimensions (L x W x H) 226" x 19.3" x 0.12" 152.8" x 19.3" x 0.12" 83" x 19.5" x 0.13"
Weight (lbs) 20.5 lbs with adhesive
15.9 lbs without
14.6 lbs with adhesive
10.8 lbs without
7.7 lbs with adhesive
6.6 lbs without
Solar Cells 108 CIGS cells 8.27" x 3.94" 72 CIGS cells 8.27" x 3.94" 36 CIGS cells 8.27" x 3.94"
Capacity Rating, Pmax
Temp Coefficient -0.43%/°C
300W 275W 250W 225W 200W 185W 165W 100 90W 82W
Tolerance of Pmax +7% +7% +7% +7% +7% +7% +7% +7% +7% +7%
Module aperture area efficiency 12.6% 11.5% 10.5% 9.4% 12.6% 11.7% 10.4% 12.7% 11.4% 10.4%
Rated Voltage, Vmpp
Temp Coefficient -0.38%/°C
54.3V 51.5V 48.6V 45.3V 36.2V 34.7V 32.1V 17.8V 16.5V 15.5V
Rated Current, Impp 5.5A 5.3A 5.1A 5.0A 5.5A 5.3A 5.1A 5.6A 5.4A 5.3A
Open Circuit Voltage, Voc
Temp Coefficient -0.33%/°C
69.7V 67.6V 65.4V 63.2V 46.4V 45.6V 43.6V 23.3V 22.0V 20.9V
Short Circuit Current, Isc
Temp Coefficient -0.03%/°C
6.4A 6.3A 6.2A 6.1A 6.4A 6.3A 6.2A 6.4A 6.3A 6.2A
Junction Box TE Connectivity SOLARLOK™ Micro Junction Box
Cables 4 mm2 dual rated with SOLARLOK™ connectors
Adhesive ADCO HelioBond™ PVA 600BT butyl mastic
Hot Spot Protection 2 bypass diodes at each cell, 1 at junction box
Materials Lead free and exempt from RoHS requirements
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 10A
Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Max System Voltage 1000Vdc IEC, 600Vdc UL
Certifications EN 61646, EN 61730, UL 1703
Warranty Materials and Workmanship - 5 years
Power Output - 25 years (90% @ 10 years, 80% @ 25 years)

Installation must be performed in accordance with the National Electrical Code.



Pricing shown is for small quantities.  For large quantities our shopping card will automatically apply a discount.  Or request a quote.

Large Format Module Medium Format Module Small Format Module