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GTFX-E GVFX-E Series Inverters
International 50Hz


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True Sine Wave Inverter
2000-3000W, 24-48Vdc

with integral battery charger, ac transfer relay


OutBack Inverter/Chargers are the next generation in advanced power management. Each is a DC to AC sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch housed within a tough die-cast aluminum chassis.

Just like the local utility grid, the inverter produces true sinewave AC electricity for your stand-alone or backup power needs. Computers, TVs and pumps are just some of the examples of modern electronics that last longer and run better when powered with true sinewave electricity from an OutBack inverter. Starting up your air conditioning, washing machine or well pump is worry-free because of our high surge power capability.

Batteries and generators are the costly consumables when using inverters to generate electricity. The integrated smart battery charger uses multiple stages to perform quick recharging while prolonging battery life, saving your batteries and generator from unnecessary wear. Automatic switching between AC power sources is seamless due to an AC transfer switch that reacts in less than 16 milliseconds.

Unique networked communication is built into all OutBack products providing complete integration. Expanding your system with your growing power needs is as simple as adding additional inverters with modular architecture. Further flexibility is provided with the ability to be connected at any time in either parallel, series or three-phase power configurations. Industry leading OutBack reliability is achieved through simplified design and rugged construction.



Grid-Interactive Renewable Energy Systems
enable you to demonstrate your personal commitment to a renewable energy future. With the OutBack grid-interactive system, backup AC power is made available 24 hours a day in the event of a utility outage, providing reliable power and peace-of-mind. At night, the inverter’s automatic power save mode ensures that energy is not wasted by needlessly charging your batteries from the utility grid. An average conversion efficiency of 91% using the California Energy Commission (CEC) test protocol provides greater savings and a shorter time period for system payback. OutBack’s grid-interactive technology provides you more than a typical solar inverter, we also have an unmatched ability to utilize solar, wind and hydropower sources.


DC cable length and voltage drop must be evaluated carefully when laying out system.  Click here for our simple voltage drop calculator.



Model GTFX2012E GTFX2024E GTFX2348E GVFX2612E GVFX3024E GVFX3048E
Nominal Input Voltage 12Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc 12Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc
Power Rating (continuous) 2000VA 2000VA 2300VA 2600VA 3500VA 3000VA
AC Output voltage/Frequency 230Vac +2%, 50Hz 230Vac +2%, 50Hz
Idle Power Losses 20W 20W 23W 20W 20W 23W
Typical Efficiency @ 3/4 load 90% 92% 92% 90% 92% 93%
Typical Harmonic Distortion 2% 2%
Overload Capability (5 seconds) 4000VA 4800VA 4800VA 4000VA 4800VA 5000VA
Continuous Charger Output 100Adc 50Adc 30Adc 120Adc 80Adc 40Adc
Warranty 5 year 5 year
Weight 63 lbs 61 lbs
Dimensions 13" H x 8.25" W x 16.25" L 12" H x 8.25" W x 16.25" L

Not recommended for use with ac generators.


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NOTE: X-240 auto transformer cannot be used with grid-tie feature

sealed 12V 2000VA vented 12V 2600VA

sealed 24V 2000VA vented 24V 3000VA

sealed 48V 2300VA vented 48V 3000VA