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Residential Solar Grid Tie System
1000-6000W 120VAC or 120/240VAC

Our GTS SolarMount mounting structure, inverters, cables and all necessary hardware and electrical components. The home-run wiring from the solar array to the main panel is supplied by the installer. GTS grid-tie systems are modular which means you can combine multiple units together or add to your system in the future.

GTS grid-tie systems meet NEC code requirements and US safety standards. The mounts securely attach the array to the roof in compliance with US Building Codes. Complete documentation, installation guide and operational manual included. An optional utility grade kWh meter is also available. 20-year warranty on power output and a five-year system warranty.

SunWize GTS Systems employ UL listed Sharp or Sanyo solar modules ideal for grid-tie applications. Sanyo modules have one of the highest Performance Test Condition ratings per watt (W ptc) for higher rebates in California. Performance Test Condition testing simulates the real world, high cell temperatures modules are subjected to in the field. Sharp modules offer high-powered performance, efficiency and durability for large electrical power requirements.

Please Note: GTS systems must be installed by a qualified electrical or solar contractor. GTS systems are used exclusively for the production of electricity.

GTS solar power systems are only designed to provide electricity to run your lights, appliances and other electric devices in your home and will not convert the sun's light into heat. Our solar modules convert sunlight into electricity to operate appliances, lights and other devices and will not heat water.

To predict how much electricity this system will generate in your area (with the corresponding reduction in your utility bill usage) go to the bottom of our Array Sizing Worksheet.

This Grid-Tie System is easily installed on the roof of any building.  An entire array can be fully installed and wired on the roof one module at a time.  The mounts securely attach the array to the roof in compliance with US building codes.  All systems meet NEC code requirements and US safety standards.  Complete installation guide and operational manual included.

* PV modules
* Grid-Tie Inverter
* Array DC disconnect
* Lightning surge arresters
* Inverter fused AC disconnect
* MultiContact #10AWG wiring array to panel J-box
* Complete PV array grounding system.


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