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Kit made by Lo Power Engineering (HARRIS) Kit made by Hydro Induction Power
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Alternator Upgrade Kit
replaces old Harris Ford Alternator
with adjustable P.M. alternator


This kit allows you to replace the original Ford Motorcraft alternator on old Harris turbines with the new higher efficiency brushless permanent magnet alternator.  Kit includes alternator and rectifier.  Alternator bolts directly in place of Ford alternator on housing.  A hole must be drilled and tapped in housing to mount the rectifier.

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This alternator is 15-30% more efficient than the old Motorcraft alternator, produces less heat, and therefore lasts longer.



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Note that the Lo Power Engineering (HARRIS) version is billed at time of order since we must pre-pay the manufacturer.

Lo Power Engineering (HARRIS) version Select site parameters and press ADD TO CART
Hydro Induction Power version