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Portable Bi-fueled Generator
5500W continuous, 6000W maximum

Winco with Honda Engine


NOTICE: The US EPA has certified this generator only for use with gasoline and natural gas fuels.  Propane is no longer approved.

HOME POWER Multi-Fuel Portable Generators by Winco keep you out of the dark.  The unit operates on gasoline, LP gas or natural gas, and converting from one fuel source to another can be accomplished quickly and easily.  HOME POWER Multi-Fuel generators are powered by premium-quality, long life engines with low oil protection.  The powerful, high-quality generator features inherent voltage regulation and protection for optimum reliability and safety.  120/240 volt AC single-phase, 60 cycle electric power is available through the receptacles provided in the output panel.  The sturdy cradle design provides full protection and makes handling and storage easy.


* special carburetor and secondary gas regulator allows engine to operate on gasoline or natural gas fuels
* low oil protection
* standard electric start with battery rack and cables (battery not included due to shipping regulations)
* maintenance-free electronic ignition system
* dual element air filter reduces maintenance

* proven, dependable, efficient design
* inherent voltage regulation for stable output and optimum reliability
* 100% copper windings with NEMA Class F insulation
* capacitor excitation for brushless operation

Output Panel
* 120V and 240V receptacles
* 4-prong 120/240V receptacle suitable for connection to manual transfer switches
* circuit breaker protection



Engine Make Honda
Engine Type GX340 OHV, 337cc
Engine Rating 11 hp
Engine Speed 3600 rpm at 60Hz
AC Output Voltage 120/240VAC, 60 Hz
AC Output Power 5,500W continuous/6,000W surge (gasoline)
4,950W continuous
/5,400W surge (propane)
4,400W continuous
/4,800W surge (natural gas)
Output Receptacles (2) 120V 15A GFCI duplex NEMA 5-15R
(1) 240V 30A twistlock NEMA L14-30R
AC Motor starting ability 2 hp Code G capacitor start motor
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.5 gal extended run
Fuel Consumption 1.0 gal/hr gasoline
--- gal/hr propane
160 cu.ft./hour natural gas
Starting System recoil** and electric (battery not included)
Low oil protection yes
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches 30 x 22 x 22
Manufacturer's warranty 2 years generator, 2 yrs engine

** Recoil starting can be used when gasoline fueled.  However, when using propane or natural gas fuel recoil starting usually will not develop the necessary vacuum to admit the fuel to start the engine.  Electric starting from a battery recommended when using these fuels.


Changing Fuel Types (this is a summary, see manual for complete details)

From Gasoline to NG
* with the engine running turn off the gasoline fuel valve
* run the engine until it runs out of fuel
* remove the pipe plug from the demand regulator (on the engine)
* install locally approved flexible fuel line
* connect the NG vapor fuel line
* turn on the vapor fuel - must be 7-11 inches of water column pressure
* start the engine
* apply the electrical load to the generator
* adjust the fuel mixture valve to smooth the engine out

From NG to gasoline
* with the engine running turn off the NG fuel supply
* run the engine until it runs out of fuel
* remove the flexible fuel line from the demand regulator
* reinstall the pipe plug in the regulator
* check to be sure the gasoline fuel valve is off
* fill the gasoline fuel tank
* turn on the gasoline fuel valve
* start the engine
* adjust the load jet on the carburetor as required to smooth the engine out



Optional Accessories
- 2 wheel dolly kit with 8" pneumatic tires
- heavy canvas cover
- safety shutoff vapor fuel solenoid, 12Vdc operated, recommended for long unattended operation



Item Number: HPS6000HE
Price: $2,676
Price last updated 1/3/2023
Shipping Weight: 224 lbs.
This item ships with free ground freight to the USA 48 states.


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