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Surge Suppressor/Filter
8 receptacle

Isobar surge suppressors by Tripp Lite are the #1 selling Premium surge suppressor.  Over 10 million are in use worldwide!  With a safety-tested 20 year history this is simply the most reliable surge suppression system you can buy.   Isobar's progressive protection technology includes isolated filter banks, sine wave tracking, sidactor phone-line surge suppression and durable fire-safe all-metal housing.  Outlets are widely spaced to accommodate multiple transformer blocks without covering other outlets.  For additional explanatory details click here.  Ultimate Lifetime Insurance guarantees your equipment will stay safe from surge damage, including lightning strikes, for life.  Unlike competitors' policies, Ultimate Lifetime Insurance begins the moment you buy your Isobar, with no forms to fill out or send in.  In addition, the Isobar is backed by a Lifetime Product Warrantee.  Tripp Lite's rapid-response, no-questions-asked replacement policies are unmatched in the industry.  Click here for a list of Tripp Lite literature and manuals for viewing online.


Detailed Specifications

Parameter Value
AC Rated Input Voltage 105 to 135 VAC, 60 Hz
AC Receptacles (8) 15 amp NEMA 5-15R
AC Cord 12 feet of 14 ga 3 conductor grounded
AC Isolated Filter Banks 4
AC Surge Energy Rating 2350 Joules
AC Surge Current Rating 97,000 amps
AC High Frequency Noise Suppression > 20db @ 50kHz
> 40db @ 500kHz
> 75db @ 1MHz
> 30db @ 6-1000MHz
Transient Response Time Instantaneous
Phone Line Jacks none
Phone Lines Protected n/a
Phone Line Peak Transient Input Voltage n/a
Phone Line Energy Absorption n/a
Phone Line response Time n/a
Phone Line Clamping Voltage n/a
EMI Noise Reduction n/a
Diagnostic LEDs - Protection Present
- Fault
- Line OK
Ultimate Lifetime Insurance $50,000
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2-1/2 x 9 x 3-1/2 inches
Housing metal