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Manual Transfer Switch Flush Mounting Kit
for Pro/Tran 2 series 8 & 10 circuit
by Reliance Controls


This recess/flush mounting accessory kit is designed for the 8 and 10 circuit Pro/Tran 2 series of manual transfer switches. Steel mounting brackets, hardware, 24 in. conduit with straight fittings. And trim plate is included. Adjusts to wall thickness. Decorative trim plate is paintable. Good for all indoor 8 and 10 circuit Pro/Tran 2 models (with any suffix): 308, A308, 310, A310, 508, A508, 510, A510. Works with any current Pro/Tran 2 model (8 or 10 circuits) with 1 in. circuit breakers..  Made in USA  

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