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Large UPS Systems

We can provide larger UPS Systems to meet special requirements in single phase models (and some three phase models up to 60kVA).   Send us your requirements using the form below.  You should receive at least a preliminary response within one or two business days.

NOTICE:  If the form fails you will usually see an error page.  In that case, use the text version of this form and paste it in an email message.

Large UPS System Quote Request Form
Note that fields other than drop-down lists are free-format which means you can enter any combination of values or text as necessary.  You will need to enter something in all fields except those labeled optional.  If you are unable to use this quote form click here for a text version which you can paste into an e-mail message to send to us.

1. Output rating (kVA):
2. Output rating (kW): (optional)
3. Output voltage (V):
4. Phases (1 or 3):
5. Frequency (Hz):
6. Battery backup time (minutes) at (100% or 80%) load:   at  
7. Battery type preferred (sealed maintenance free, flooded wet cells, etc.):
8. Input voltage (V):
9. Input phases (1 or 3):
10. Single utility feed, or dual utility feed with 2nd for maintenance bypass:
11. Preferred UPS type:
12. Quote Type (equipment only or turn-key installation):
13. Is this a US Government GSA job?
14. Quantity to be ordered at one time:
15. Types of Loads to be powered by UPS:
16. Is this a new application or replacement of an existing UPS?
17. What is required installation date?
18. Project Installation & Completion Certainty:
19. Comments & Other Requirements:
20. Job site location (city, state zip):
21. Your Name:
22. Your Title:
23. Company:
24. Street Address:
25. City, State Zip
26. Phone:
27. Your E-mail Address:
28. Enter Security Code: 

If a thank you screen doesn't appear after pressing the Submit button below send us an e-mail message.  Click here for a text version of this form which you can paste into an e-mail message to send to us.