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Conversion Kit
for remote or automatic start
gasoline to LPG & natural gas, up to approx 11hp

This add-on kit enables the gasoline engine that drives your portable generator to also accept liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas.  This converts your electric start generator set from a single fueled unit to a tri-fueled device.  Perfect if you are concerned about having enough fuel on hand, or being able to purchase fuel during prolonged power outages.

In addition, this kit is designed to solve one of the primary difficulties if you want to convert a key or pushbutton electric start generator to remote or automatic starting.  Many electric start generators have a manual choke which requires operator actions at the generator when starting or shutting down the unit.  This kit is self priming and does not need to be choked, thereby eliminating the need for an operator to be present.  Click the following for generator controllers and automatic transfer switches that can be used with a converted automatic start generator.

Kit consists of pressure regulator for your propane tank, 4 feet of connecting hose, and a special adapter designed to fit your particular engine, a vacuum switch and a safety shutoff electrically operated solenoid valve.  Also comes with general instructions so you or your local gas man can install.  When connected to a natural gas or piped supply, the pressure regulator is not normally used.  Due to the lower energy content of natural gas, your generator maximum capacity must be derated about 20% when using natural gas.  But no derating is necessary when LPG is used.

After kit is installed, to switch from gasoline to LPG all you do is close the gasoline tank outlet valve and run the engine until all the fuel is consumed from the line and carburetor.  Then open the LPG valve and restart the engine.  Some engine manufacturers may say that installing any modifications on an engine will void their warranty.  However, this add-on kit does not really modify the engine, and can be completely removed if necessary.

Kit conforms to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Pamphlet 58 requirements for use of gaseous fuels as a motor fuel outdoors.  The vacuum switch and solenoid valve when properly installed will positively shut off the fuel supply if the engine should fail while unattended.

When ordering, be sure to specify in the comments section at the bottom of the checkout screen the exact make and model number of your ENGINE and your starting battery voltage (6VDC, 12VDC, etc.).   This is necessary to ensure you get the proper adapter and solenoid voltage.  Adaptors are available for Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Honda, and other engines.  Pricing shown is for most kits.  In the unlikely event the kit for your particular engine costs more than this, we will notify you and give you the choice of canceling your order at no charge or agreeing to the additional cost.   If you never plan on using a portable propane tank and will only connect to a fixed piped fuel supply (already at low pressure) you can delete the tank regulator.  Click here for sample installation and operating instructions.  Installation of this kit requires some electrical wiring expertise.


If you will be using natural gas or a piped propane system you will not need us to provide the tank pressure regulator.  If you want to supply the fuel from a small portable propane tank then you WILL need a tank pressure regulator (if you don't already have one).  Select the proper option above.

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