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Sample Wiring
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Analog Meter Panel
indoor enclosure with up to 4 panel meters

If you prefer analog to digital displays this panel can show it all!  Don't operate your backup or alternative power electrical system blind!  Install and connect these economical panel meters so you can see what is happening.  Perfect for monitoring ac or dc system voltages, currents or frequency.  If you have electronic loads that are sensitive to voltage or frequency variations that occur with small portable generators this is the solution.  These meters are full rated devices so no shunts or current transformers are required.

NEMA 1 enclosure is 8" x 8" x 4" deep, made of #16 gauge steel and comes with 1/2", 3/4" and 1" knockouts.  Hinged front cover is supplied pre-punched for the number of meters you order.  Enclosure is UL Listed and CSA certified.  For maximum meter life we do not recommend direct mounting of enclosure on engine driven generators due to vibration.  Mount separately on an indoor wall.

Ammeters, voltmeters and/or frequency meter are available.  Meters are 2-1/2" rectangular, 5% accuracy and fit into 2-1/16" diameter holes in front cover.   Note that frequency meters and two ranges of ac voltmeters come standard with expanded scales for high resolution reading.  Barrier type terminal block included for easier wiring.  You must mount and wire components.  Depending on the type of wire, you must supply properly sized cord grips or strain relief connectors.

All the following items are included so you don't have to go searching for some of these hard-to-find items:

- NEMA 1 enclosure with hinged door - 16 ga wire for volt & frequency meters
- up to 4 panel meters - heavy-gauge extra flex wire for ammeters
- mounting brackets for meters - ring-tongue terminals for meters & block
- nuts & washers for meter studs  - wire ties
- barrier terminal block - wiring diagram & instructions

Following meters are available and can be ordered using drop-down menus below.  Some other ranges are available as special order at added cost.

DC Ammeters DC Voltmeters AC Ammeters AC Voltmeters AC Frequency Meters
0-1 amps DC 0-3 volts DC 0-1 amps AC 0-10 volts AC 55-65 Hz (115V)
0-3 amps DC 0-5 volts DC 0-3 amps AC 0-15 volts AC 55-65 Hz (230V)
0-5 amps DC 0-10 volts DC 0-5 amps AC 0-25 volts AC 45-55 Hz (115V)
0-10 amps DC 0-15 volts DC 0-10 amps AC 0-50 volts AC 360-440 Hz (115V)
0-15 amps DC 0-25 volts DC 0-15 amps AC 95-140 volts AC exp
0-25 amps DC 0-30 volts DC 0-30 amps AC 190-280 volts AC exp
0-50 amps DC 0-50 volts DC 0-50 amps AC 0-500* volts AC
0-100*** amps DC 0-100 volts DC 0-50** amps AC
0-200*** amps DC 0-150 volts DC 0-75** amps AC       * includes external resistor
0-300*** amps DC   0-100** amps AC      exp = expanded scale +10% green, >10% red
       *** includes external 50mV shunt 0-150** amps AC

Hour Meter (10-80Vdc)

0-200** amps AC

Hour Meter (90-240Vac, 50/60Hz)

        ** includes external donut current
            transformer (CT) with 24" leads


Hour Meters are quartz controlled for accurate time measurement on both 50Hz and 60Hz and even on dc.  Mount in same size cutout as other meters and include hold-in collar.  Connections are made with slip-on terminals.

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AC ammeters for high current applications come with donut current transformer for slipping over heavy power conductors.

meter4CT.jpg (11392 bytes)
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Use the table immediately below if you are not sure which ammeter to use for your generator:

Watts ac Ammeter
Watts ac Ammeters
15A  120Vac 1875 (1) 0-15A 15A  120/240Vac 3750 (2) 0-15A
20A  120Vac 2500 (1) 0-20A 20A  120/240Vac 5000 (2) 0-20A
30A  120Vac 3750 (1) 0-30A 30A  120/240Vac 7500 (2) 0-30A
50A  120/240Vac 12000 (2) 0-50A
75A  120/240Vac 18000 (2) 0-75A
100A  120/240Vac 25000 (2) 0-100A
200A  120/240Vac 50000 (2) 0-200A

Shopping cart will apply price adder (listed in drop-down menu below) for frequency meters, ac current transformers and hour meters which cost more than other meters.  Direct connected meters for 50 amps require a high capacity terminal block at slightly higher cost.  If you order less than 4 meters price will automatically be reduced.

NOTE that use of ammeters for reading values less than 25% of full scale not recommended.  That means we DO NOT recommend using 0-200A meters for measuring the load on your 200A utility service.  Typical loads on a 200A service are less than 50A and you will not be able to read those values accurately.


Item Number: METERPNL4
Price: $139
Price last updated 09/28/18
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 1 week or less.


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