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Cordset Modification to NEMA 6-20P
(Must be ordered with a standard cordset)

Do you have a generator which does NOT have the 240V standard 4 pole twist lock receptacle for matching up to the Gen/Tran cordsets and switches?  Not a problem!   Read on...

Most of the cordsets and transfer switches and panels sold are set up for 4 pole twist lock plugs and receptacles such as NEMA types L1420 and L1430.  But some smaller generators and those without control panels may only have the 3 pole straight blade 120V or 240V NEMA receptacle.  Pick the standard cordset of the desired length and current rating from our catalog and order this modification.  We will  replace the plug on the generator end of the cable with a NEMA to match the corresponding receptacle on your generator and make the proper connections inside the plug.  This modification works with most Coleman generators as described in these two fax pages and in their instruction manuals.

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WARNING.  This modified cordset ONLY works with generators that have the neutrals of the alternator windings tied/bonded to the frame ground and the ground in the output receptacles.  Most portable generators ARE built this way today.  But you MUST verify this is true for your generator before using this cordset.  This can be checked by: (a) Calling the Technical support phone number in your generator instruction manual and asking or, (b) looking at the wiring diagram in your generator instruction manual to see if this neutral-to-ground bond exists or, (c) checking the label on the alternator of your generator set, or (d) measuring the resistance from the 120V receptacle hot and neutral socket connections to the ground socket (must use a low range multimeter while the generator is not running). The neutral-to-ground resistance should be zero ohms and the hot-to-ground value should be about a half ohm.  In some cases we can help verify this if we already have experience with your make and model generator, or if you FAX us the wiring diagram from your instruction book.  We automatically verify this if you buy a generator from us.

In the unlikely event that your generator neutral is NOT grounded, we do have special cordset modifications that will work.  These involve either a pigtail to pickup the neutral at the 120V receptacle or a separate plug that will ground the neutral.   Email us for a quote if this applies to you.

The NEMA type male plug used is 2 pole, 3 conductor.  Straight blade design with housing resistant to many chemicals.   Cord clamp with terminal clamps and screws for superior wire holding and excellent conductivity.  Color may vary.  UL listed.

Note that based on availability we reserve the right to either modify a preassembled Gen/Tran cordset or to assemble a cordset from scratch to fill this type of order.

When ordering this modification, please state in the comments section at the bottom of the checkout screen the make and model number of your generator and if you have verified that the neutral is grounded.  Also confirm that your generator duplex outlets look EXACTLY like the selected receptacle below.

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