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PowerPass Distribution Module


Features and Benefits

* Conserves valuable space with 3U rack height 
* Requires a single hardwired or locking receptacle input. 
* Provides a wide variety of low and high voltage output options. 
* High voltage units include internal transformer to derive neutral allowing for both
   low and high voltage output receptacles. 
* High voltage output receptacle protected with it's own circuit breaker.
* Low voltage output receptacles protected with two circuit breakers.
* Includes maintenance bypass switch for UPS. 

Common Part Numbers & Ratings

Model                Part Number        Input V & Conn           Output V & Connection
PPDM, L6-30    103003214-6501    208-240  L6-30P    208-120/240  (1)L6-30R, (8)5-15R
PPDM, L6-20    103003214-6502    208-240  L6-30P    208-120/240  (1)L6-20R, (8)5-15R
PPDM, L5-30    103003214-6503    208-240  L6-30P    208-120/240  (1)L5-30R, (8)5-15R
PPDM, L14-30  103003214-6504    208-240  L6-30P    208-120/240  (1)L14-30R, (8)5-15R
PPDM, HW       103003214-6505    208-240  hardwire  208-120/240  


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