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Deluxe 30A Power Inlet Box
with breaker disconnect
and Protective Hinged Covers

For installations where the building electrical panel is located indoors and generator is located outdoors.  Eliminates need for open window or door for generator cord.  Raintight NEMA 3R box with combination 1/2" and 3/4" knockouts in each side, bottom and back.  This box is raintight even with cord plugged in.  Includes spring-loaded covers to protect the male inlet and circuit breaker handle.  Twist lock male L1430P power inlet receptacle for cable connection to generator, 7500 watt maximum.  UL listed and CSA certified.  Exclusive 24 month warranty.  Made in USA  

This inlet box includes built-in circuit breaker disconnect and dead front for use when local codes requirements regard the devices as service entrance equipment.  Some electrical inspectors consider a permanently installed generator a structure, and therefore require a rated service disconnect at the point of entry.  All models with a circuit breaker have a 10,000 amp short circuit rating to comply with NEC Article 215-3 for Overcurrent Protection for Feeders.

    * circuit breaker disconnect easily accessible without tools
    * Inlet plug is on bottom of box for complete rainproof connection
    * No large openings or cavities that make prime sites for insect nests

WARNING: Never install this inlet box without connecting it to a transfer switch.  If this product is not used with a transfer switch, it is not allowed by the National Electrical Code to supply power from a portable generator to a premises wiring system because of safety concerns.  These concerns include the dangers of back feeding into the utility grid and possible damage when utility power is restored.  Click here for more about safety.


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