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Surge Protective Device
50kA and higher, single and 3 phase
with optional indicators, alarm and counter

Eaton's SPD Series surge protective devices are the latest and most advanced UL 1449 3rd edition certified surge protectors.  Units are side mounted suitable for installation external to virtually any brand of loadcenter, panelboard, switchboard or motor control center.  Integrated versions are also available factory installed in Eaton electrical equipment.  SPD Series units are available in all common voltages and configurations and also in a variety of surge current ratings from 50kA through 400kA.  Made in USA  




Option Packages

  Basic Standard Standard with
Surge Counter
Thermally protected MOV technology yes yes yes
Dual-colored protection status indicators for each phase yes yes yes
Dual-colored protection status indicators for the neutral-ground protection mode yes yes yes
Audible alarm with silence button   yes yes
Form C relay contact for remote monitoring   yes yes
EMI/RFI filtering for up to 50dB of noise attenuation from 10kHz to 100MHz   yes yes
Surge counter with reset button     yes





Voltage Protection Ratings for 50kA unit L-N L-G N-G L-L
240V 1ph, 208V Y 3ph, 220V Y 3ph 700V 1200V 700V 1200V
400V Y 3ph, 480V Y 3ph 1200V 2000V 1200V 2000V
600V Y 3ph 1500V 1500V 1200V 2500V
240V delta 3ph n/a 1000V n/a 1000V
480V delta 3ph n/a 2000V n/a 2500V
600V delta 3ph n/a 2500V n/a 2500V
240V delta 3ph high leg 700V 1200V 700V 1200V
Enclosure indoor NEMA 1
Dimensions (w x h x d) 7.47" x 12.05" x 4.41"
Warranty factory 10-year


Selection Recommendations

50kA per phase, up to 200A panels

Item Number: PSPD050
Price: $731
Price last updated 1/29/2019
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 4-6 weeks or less.
100kA per phase, 300A to 500A panels

Item Number: PSPD100
Price: $1,096
Price last updated 1/29/2019
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 4-6 weeks or less.
80kA per phase, 200A to 400A panels

Item Number: PSPD080
Price: $995
Price last updated 1/29/2019
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 4-6 weeks or less.
120kA per phase, 300A to 600A panels

Item Number: PSPD120
Price: $1,257
Price last updated 1/29/2019
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 4-6 weeks or less.


The following model number can be ordered from this page:

PSPD050208Y1K PSPD050240S1K PSPD050240D1K PSPD05048D1K PSPD050400Y1K PSPD050480Y1K
PSPD050208Y2K PSPD050240S2K PSPD050240D2K PSPD05048D2K PSPD050400Y2K PSPD050480Y2K
PSPD050208Y3K PSPD050240S3K PSPD050240D3K PSPD05048D3K PSPD050400Y3K PSPD050480Y3K

PSPD080208Y1K PSPD080240S1K PSPD080240D1K PSPD08048D1K PSPD080400Y1K PSPD080480Y1K
PSPD080208Y2K PSPD080240S2K PSPD080240D2K PSPD08048D2K PSPD080400Y2K PSPD080480Y2K
PSPD080208Y3K PSPD080240S3K PSPD080240D3K PSPD08048D3K PSPD080400Y3K PSPD080480Y3K

PSPD100208Y1K PSPD100240S1K PSPD100240D1K PSPD10048D1K PSPD100400Y1K PSPD100480Y1K
PSPD100208Y2K PSPD100240S2K PSPD100240D2K PSPD10048D2K PSPD100400Y2K PSPD100480Y2K
PSPD100208Y3K PSPD100240S3K PSPD100240D3K PSPD10048D3K PSPD100400Y3K PSPD100480Y3K

PSPD120208Y1K PSPD120240S1K PSPD120240D1K PSPD12048D1K PSPD120400Y1K PSPD120480Y1K
PSPD120208Y2K PSPD120240S2K PSPD120240D2K PSPD12048D2K PSPD120400Y2K PSPD120480Y2K
PSPD120208Y3K PSPD120240S3K PSPD120240D3K PSPD12048D3K PSPD120400Y3K PSPD120480Y3K

SPD050208Y1K SPD050240S1K SPD050240D1K SPD05048D1K SPD050400Y1K SPD050480Y1K
SPD050208Y2K SPD050240S2K SPD050240D2K SPD05048D2K SPD050400Y2K SPD050480Y2K
SPD050208Y3K SPD050240S3K SPD050240D3K SPD05048D3K SPD050400Y3K SPD050480Y3K

SPD080208Y1K SPD080240S1K SPD080240D1K SPD08048D1K SPD080400Y1K SPD080480Y1K
SPD080208Y2K SPD080240S2K SPD080240D2K SPD08048D2K SPD080400Y2K SPD080480Y2K
SPD080208Y3K SPD080240S3K SPD080240D3K SPD08048D3K SPD080400Y3K SPD080480Y3K

SPD100208Y1K SPD100240S1K SPD100240D1K SPD10048D1K SPD100400Y1K SPD100480Y1K
SPD100208Y2K SPD100240S2K SPD100240D2K SPD10048D2K SPD100400Y2K SPD100480Y2K
SPD100208Y3K SPD100240S3K SPD100240D3K SPD10048D3K SPD100400Y3K SPD100480Y3K

SPD120208Y1K SPD120240S1K SPD120240D1K SPD12048D1K SPD120400Y1K SPD120480Y1K
SPD120208Y2K SPD120240S2K SPD120240D2K SPD12048D2K SPD120400Y2K SPD120480Y2K
SPD120208Y3K SPD120240S3K SPD120240D3K SPD12048D3K SPD120400Y3K SPD120480Y3K


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