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31KW Power Take-Off Generator
120/240V 1-phase

PTO Generators are designed as a standby electrical power supply for farm and home applications or any site that has an engine with a power take-off.  They can utilize a properly sized power take-off from tractors, bulldozers, or trucks as the prime mover.  Units are equipped with a gear box ratio design that operates generator at synchronous speed with a low speed 540 rpm pto shaft input.  IMD has been making PTO generators in South Carolina since 1998.

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Standard Features

* High quality PTO generator
* Heavy duty single-phase, brushless design for maintenance free performance.
* 100% copper winding, low distortion alternator (THD<5%) for high quality power output, insulation class H.
* Lifetime pre-sealed maintenance-free bearings.
* Aluminum and steel housing for a maximum in durability and lightweight.
* Heavy duty cast iron single stage gearbox.
* Magnetic circuit breaker with individual circuit protection for safety and accurate overload protection.
* LED digital meter displays Volts, Hertz and load facing the tractor for easy speed adjustment.
* Drip-proof design.
* Simultaneous 120V and 240V output.
* Full power outlet.
* Standard 1-3/8", 6-spline input shaft.


Optional Features

* Trailer, measuring devices.



Rated AC Power 31 kW
Surge AC Power 60 kW
Circuit Breaker Rating 125 amps
Rated Voltage 120/240 V, 1 phase
Alternator brushless design, copper windings
Voltage Regulation +10% capacitor regulator
Receptacles at 120V (qty) (2) NEMA 5-20R
Receptacles at 240V (qty) (1) NEMA 14-50R
(1) 175 amp modular connector
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Minimum Tractor PTO shaft hp Required for Rated Output 63 hp *
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 year

* A lower PTO shaft hp rating is acceptable but electrical output will be proportionally less.

   Concerning use in Canada, this product is built from CSA certified components (with the exception of the
   alternator end) but is not CSA certified as a complete assembly.  Therfore, it cannot be used on construction
   sites in Canada.  But it is normally acceptable for residential and farm use.


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