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Single Roll as provided Dimensions Close-up view of wiring
Typical installations
PVL-68 Specs PVL-124 Specs PVL-136 Specs PVL-144 Specs
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Uni-Solar PV Roofing Laminate
68W, 124W, 136W, 144W
for standing seam metal roofs




The innovative UNI-SOLAR® product line includes building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) a lightweight, flexible solar electric system designed to serve a dual purpose of roofing and power generation. It is also an ideal solution for new construction or re-roof situations.


This metal panel roofing combines the appeal of a structural roofing product with the solar electric capabilities of photovoltaics. It enhances a standard metal roof with a power system that is durable, beautiful and best of all, functional.

* Architecturally pleasing systems that do not distract from the natural lines of the home
* Complete design freedom with ridge to eave coverage possible
* Solar panels are structurally and aesthetically integrated roofing elements
* Cost effective installation through easy and fast fixing of large area roofing elements using
   standard installation techniques
* No back-ventilation of solar panels necessary (lightweight laminates are easy to handle and
   can be field applied directly on metal)
* No support structures needed
* Integrated with flat 16” wide (minimum) metal roofing systems
* Wind and water-tight roof
* Suitable both for renovation and for new construction
* 20-year power output
* Standard junction box or weather-tight quick connect system
* “Peel & stick” adhesive backing capable of withstanding 160 mph wind loads
*  UL Listed.


Roll Laminate UNI-SOLAR® photovoltaic laminates (PVL) are flexible and lightweight laminates made exceptionally durable by encapsulation in UV stabilized polymers. The polymer encapsulation is partially constructed of durable ETFE, (example, Tefzel®) a high-light-transmissive polymer.

* Power Ratings from 64W to 144W (some modules require a minimum order)
* Lightweight & Flexible
* Easy Peel & Stick Application
* Virtually Unbreakable (No Glass)
* Shadow & High Heat Tolerant


* Grid-Connected Metal Roof Shade & Parking Structures
* Grid-Connected Agricultural Metal Roof Structures
* Residential Grid-Connected Systems
* Schools, Municipalities & Institutions
* Renovation or New Construction

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Electrical parameters at standard test conditions(STC) of 1000W/m
2 and 25°C cell temperature.

Parameter PVL-68 PVL-124 PVL-136 PVL-144
Rated Power +5% 68W 124W 136W 144W
Voltage at Max Power 16.5V 30.0V 33.0V 33.0V
Short Circuit Current 5.1A 5.1A 5.1A 5.3A
Open Circuit Voltage 23.1V 42.0V 46.2V 46.2V
Open Circuit Voltage at 0°F (-18°C) 26.9V 49.0V 53.7V 53.7V
Length 112" 197" 216" 216"
Width 15.5" 15.5" 15.5" 15.5"
Weight 8.7 lbs. 15.5 lbs 17 lbs. 17 lbs.
Warranty on output 10 years 92%, 20 years 84%, 25 years 80% (of minimum power)
when manufacturer's installation instructions are followed


Note that some of the cost per watt of these roofing laminates as compared with traditional PV modules is offset by several factors including no supporting structures required and they are virtually unbreakable.  In addition, this thin-film technology is less affected by high temperature than crystalline solar products resulting in up to 20% more delivered energy.

Installation must be performed in accordance with the National Electrical Code.


Quantity discounts as follows:
(qty 3-9 at 4% off, qty 10+ at 9% off)

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