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Online UPS System
3000VA, 208Vac, Rack/Tower


Features and Benefits

* Double-conversion online design constantly conditions and controls AC output to 
   assure a zero delay transferring to backup power in the event of an utility power failure 
* Maximizes battery backup time for critical systems with the ability to independently
   control Load Segments, enabling you to manage scheduled shutdowns and sequential
   startups of protected loads 
* Enables users to remotely reboot locked-up network equipment, using the Load
   Segments (feature with Powerware ConnectUPS connectivity cards (700-3000 VA units) 
* Accepts up to four "hot-swappable" Extended Battery Modules to provide additional battery
   backup capacity as necessary, without interrupting UPS operation and load protection 
* Provides up to 3000 VA of UPS power in only two units (2U) of rack space;
   up to 6000 VA in 5U, to conserve valuable rack space, with tower pedestal kits,
   optional rack kits, and seismic kits available 
* Ensures data and system integrity with LanSafe™ power management software
   that uses an intuitive, graphical interface and SNMP (Simple Network Management
   Protocol) to provide control and visibility over multiple UPS products 
* Offers a standard RS-232 serial communications port and connectivity options available
   to suit any communication requirement for remote monitoring 
* Offers optional PowerPass® power distribution modules that include a maintenance
   bypass switch to upgrade or replace the UPS without interrupting power 
* Ensures data integrity with free Software Suite bundle including LanSafe™ software,
   PowerVision® software, and Foreseer® software 
* Select models available in black (special order)


2-year pro-rated warranty 
$25,000 UPS load protection guarantee (with return of Warranty Card receive 10-year pro-rated warranty) 

Part Numbers & Ratings

Model Number             Part Number           Power Rating 
120 VAC Units 
PW9125 700             05146012-5501        700 VA/490 W 
PW9125 1000           05146002-5501       1000 VA/700 W 
PW9125 1250           05146008-5501       1250 VA/875 W 
PW9125 1500           05146005-5501       1500 VA/1050 W 
PW9125 2000           05146001-5501       2000 VA/1400 W 
PW9125 2000 20R     05146001-5516       2000 VA/1400 W 
PW9125 2500          103002716-5501      2500 VA/1750 W 
PW9125 3000          103002717-5501      3000 VA/2100 W 
208 VAC Units 
PW9125 2500          103002718-5501      2500 VA/1750 W 
PW9125 3000          103002719-5501      3100 VA/2100 W  
PW9125 2500 HW     103002720-5501      2500 VA/1750 W 
PW9125 3000 HW     103002711-5501      3100 VA/2100 W
Extended Battery Modules
PW9125 24V EBM      05146502-5501               ---          
PW9125 48V EBM      05146074-5501               ---         
PW9125 72V EBM     103002836-5501               ---         
PW9125 48V EBC      124100014-002               ---           
PW9125 72V EBC     103003627-5501               ---        


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