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Extended Battery Module
for Line-Interactive UPS System
5000VA & 6000VA Rack/Tower


Add battery modules for even more backup capacity

Up to four Extended Battery Modules can be added to provide additional battery backup capacity as necessary.  Batteries are hot-swappable and can be replaced at any time without interrupting UPS operation and load protection.

Extended Battery Modules are available in three forms: tower models, 2U and 3U rackmount models, designed to install tightly in tandem with the UPS for a clean look that enhances the appearance of the data center while saving precious space.

Battery Run-Times (minutes)

Up to 4 EBMs can be connected to each UPS system.  EBM run-times include standard internal batteries.  Run-time chart provides typical information.  Battery backup times are approximate and may vary with equipment, configuration, battery age and temperature, etc.

Internal 1 EBM 2 EBM 3 EBM 4 EBM
1000VA 59 169 303 452 612
2000VA 26 79 138 204 274
3000VA 15 49 85 125 168
5000VA 7 24 46 67 89
6000VA 5 19 36 53 71


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