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Online UPS System
12,000VA, 100/200V to 120/240V, Tower


The new Powerware® 9155 uninterruptible power system (UPS) delivers a genuine triple-play: the latest technology advances, a stylish and user-friendly design, and a budget-pleasing price. In fact, the Powerware 9155 delivers more features at a price lower than its predecessor.

This double-conversion online UPS resolves all nine of the most common utility power quality problems and supplies clean, continuous power to all connected equipment. The innovative design of this UPS delivers the industry’s best performance combination:

* High efficiency (90 percent or better across all load ranges) 
* Low input current distortion—less than five percent total harmonic distortion (THD)
   —due to an active IGBT rectifier that delivers 0.99 power factor correction 
* High power factor output (0.9 PF) 

The cumulative result of these advancements is maximum economy, adaptability, and power performance.

A scalable architecture makes this an uncommonly versatile UPS. Choose from four models to match today’s requirements, and upgrade kVA rating in increments as needed. Or, use our signature Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology to simply upgrade from a single-module system to a multi-module system for added capacity or redundancy. Multiple equivalent UPSs can be paralleled to operate as a unified UPS. Our patented load-sharing control intelligently distributes the workload among modules without requiring direct communications links among them.

The UPS comes bundled with LanSafe™ power management software that protects data and system integrity through remote monitoring and management. Connectivity options enable secure, remote power management and alert/alarm notification via your existing LAN or the Web.


Features and Benefits
* The double-conversion online design of this “9-series” UPS completely isolates 
   equipment from utility power to protect against all nine of the most common power
   problems, including outages, sags, surges, spikes, brownouts, line noise, frequency
   variation, switching transients, and harmonic distortion 
* A high 0.9 output power factor delivers more power than the vast majority of competitors’
   models. This UPS can actually power more equipment than other UPSs of equivalent 
   VA rating that have lower power factors. 
* High efficiency (90 percent across all load ranges) reduces utility costs and runs cooler,
   which in turn extends component life 
* Low input current distortion (<5% THD), allows maximum transfer of power between power
   source and protected load, and makes this UPS exceptionally compatible with auxiliary
* Powerware Hot Sync® technology allows you to parallel up to three equivalent UPS
   modules for extra capacity or redundancy, ensuring that critical systems are always
   protected. Parallel configurations can provide up to N+2 redundancy. No inter-module
   communication wiring is needed. Our patented load-sharing control distributes the load
   equally and ensures that loads remain fully protected even if a paralleled UPS is
* Eaton’s Powerware-exclusive ABM® technology significantly increases battery life
   (compared to conventional trickle-charging) by using an innovative three-stage charging
   technique that offers prolonged rest periods between charge phases, as well as
   temperature-compensated charging that optimizes recharge time 
* Integral batteries ensure smooth system shutdown in the event of a power outage.
* Extended Battery Modules can be added to extend battery backup time to hours, if desired. 
* The space-saving, attractive design of this compact tower package delivers high power
   density per square foot. A small footprint also supports more location options, fast and
   easy installation, lower deployment cost, and more space available for future expansion. 
* The UPS comes with LanSafe power management software that ensures data and system
   integrity, using an intuitive, graphical interface and SNMP (Simple Network Management
   Protocol) to provide control and visibility over multiple UPS products 
* A complete suite of connectivity options enables secure remote monitoring over your
   existing LAN or Internet, with real-time performance indicators, prioritized shutdown,
   testing, and alerts delivered to your network management system, pager, or email 
* Enjoy investment protection and peace of mind with a limited factory warranty that
   includes replacement parts for two full years and on-site labor services for 90 days. 
   Access expert technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
* Beyond the warranty period, optional extended service plans are available to match any
   need - from basic UPS and battery support to advanced remote monitoring with trending,
   customized UPS and battery capacity planning reports, and comprehensive power
   protection audits 
* $250,000 load protection guarantee, which covers repair or replacement of equipment 
   due to AC power line surge, spike, or other transient when properly connected to a
   Powerware 9155 UPS 

2-year limited warranty 
10-year pro-rated limited warranty 
$250,000 load protection guarantee  

Part Numbers & Ratings

Model Number           Description                      Power Rating  
K408110000     32 battery (2-high)                    8kVA / 7.2kW 
K408120000     64 battery (3-high)                    8kVA / 7.2kW 
K408130000     32 battery w/ transf.(3-high)       8kVA / 7.2kW 
K410110000     32 battery (2-high)                   10kVA / 9kW  
K410120000     64 battery (3-high)                   10kVA / 9kW  
K410130000     32 battery w/ transf.(3-high)      10kVA / 9kW  
K412110000     32 battery (2-high)                 12kVA / 10.8kW
K412120000     64 battery (3-high)                 12kVA / 10.8kW 
K412130000     32 battery w/ transf.(3-high)    12kVA / 10.8kW 
K415110000     32 battery (2-high)                 15kVA / 13.5kW 
K415120000     64 battery (3-high)                 15kVA / 13.5kW  
K415130000     32 battery w/ transf.(3-high)    15kVA / 13.5kW  
Extended Battery Modules
103004192-5501    64 battery (2- high)                              
103004193-5501    96 battery (3- high)                                
Maintenance Bypass Module
103004184-5501     Rear Mounted                                       


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Item Number: 9155-12K
Price: $8,202
Price last updated 2/7/2019
Shipping Weight: 352 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 3 days or less.
If not paying by credit card contact NoOutage before placing order.

Use transformer module for noise isolation or to derive neutral

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