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Extended Battery Module
for 9155 Series UPS System
8,000VA to 15,000VA Tower


Add battery modules for even more backup capacity

Extended Battery Modules can be added to provide additional battery backup capacity as necessary.  Batteries are hot-swappable and can be replaced at any time without interrupting UPS operation and load protection.

Battery Run-Times (minutes)

Up to 3 or 4 EBMs can be connected to each UPS system.  EBM run-times include standard internal batteries.  Run-time chart provides typical information.  Battery backup times are approximate and may vary with equipment, configuration, battery age and temperature, etc.

Internal 32 1 EBM 2 EBM 3 EBM
5,000VA 52 162 289 428
7,000VA 35 109 194 286
10,000VA 22 70 124 184
12,000VA 18 56 101 149
15,000VA 13 43 76 113


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