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R510 series

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Outdoor Manual Transfer Switch
50 Amps, 10 circuits, 125/250V

PRO/TRAN® 2 by Reliance Controls

Reliance Controls Corporation is pleased to announce our next generation of manual transfer switches. The new PRO/TRAN®2 line of Loadside™ switches features all of the benefits which made the original Pro/Tran® an industry leading product for over 30 years, while incorporating a number of new features to give our customers exactly what they are looking for.

®2 utilizes conventional 1-inch interchangeable circuit breakers. All models are UL Listed for all popular brands and types of breakers, including AFCI and GFCI. They can be easily re-configured in the field for multiple double pole circuits if needed. All models also include a hinged non-metallic protective cover which also provides a finished appearance. Optional new color-coded watt meters are included on many models, and assist in balancing the generator load. Like all Reliance Pro/Tran® transfer switches, the PRO/TRAN®2 is completely prewired for fast installation.

®2 Series is UL Listed to UL Standard 1008 and is suitable for use in accordance with article 702 of the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70.
  Made in USA



Total Capacity 12,500 watts  30 amps
Max Amps Single Pole Circuits (C, D, E, F)- 120VAC (8) 20 amp
Max Amps Double Pole Circuits (A & B only) - 240VAC (1) 30 amp (with handle tie on switch)
Generator Inlet Connection NEMA CS6365 male inlet plug-in
Generator Load Watt Meters Yes
Enclosure Type outdoor surface mounted
Flex Conduit Included 3/4 x 16 inch pre-wired
UL Listing / CSA certified UL1008
Origin Made in USA
Warranty Reliance Controls 24 month warranty


Switch Ordering Table

Specs & Model Numbers

Model No. Breakers
Inlet for
Inlet Box
& Cordset
$ US
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R510A (2)20A-2P
Yes Yes No
RA510A (1)20A-2P
Yes Yes No


Cordset Ordering Table

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Works With

$ US

ADAPT Cord Adaptor - (1) 3-prong male straight-blade plug to (1) 4-prong twist-lock female connector passes through generator voltage starts at
ADAPT-Y Cord Adaptor - (2) 3-prong male straight-blade plugs to (1) 4-prong twist-lock female connector can derive 240V from some 120V generators, can provide more generator capacity from some smaller generators starts at
PC5010 Generator Cordset - 125/250V, 50 amp, 6 AWG, 10 ft 510, 50310A, R510, TRC1005A, PB50
Generator Cordset - 125/250V, 50 amp, 6 AWG, 20 & 25 ft
Generator Cordset - 125/250V, 50 amp, 6 AWG, 40 & 50 ft