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Power Relay
40A DPDT, AC & DC Operated
optional dust cover enclosure

Power relay for switching all kinds of electrical loads.  Can be used as a transfer relay on the output of an inverter to switch between inverter and a generator or other power source.

Suitable for switching even motor loads in appliances, elevators, machine tools, air handling, and HVAC equipment.  Screw head terminals for easy wiring connections.  Rated for AC 50/60Hz and DC service.  Class B coil insulation (130C).  Double pole double throw (DPDT) contacts may be used to switch both hot leads on 240VAC system.  Or, on a 120VAC system use one pole to switch the hot and the other to switch the neutral (such as on an RV or boat).  If neutral switching is not required the spare pole can be used as an auxiliary contact to operate other devices or an indicating light.  Silver alloy gold flashed contacts.  CSA and UL Listed.

Optional dust cover is made of a sheet metal base with knockouts for 1/2" diameter conduit and has a cover fitted with screws.  Mounting is by three #10 holes on 1-7/8" x 4-1/8" centers.  Dimensions: 5.22"L x 3.38"W x 3.01"D.  Gray finish.  Approx. 1 lb.

Select coil voltage and dust cover enclosure using drop down menu when ordering.



COIL   CONTACT RATINGS - single make/break
Pickup voltage <85% ac, <80% dc 300Vac 50/60Hz 40A resistive
Dropout voltage >10% ac, >10% dc 480Vac 50/60Hz 5A resistive
Maximum voltage 110% 600Vac 50/60Hz 5A resistive
Coil power 10VA ac, 2W dc 28Vdc 40A resistive
Duty continuous 120-600Vac 50/60Hz 1-1/2 HP or 960VA
TIMING Short circuit withstand 5000A
Pickup/dropout @ 100% V 40ms PU, 30ms DO Double pole with both sides switching the load
TEMPERATURE 120-600Vac 50/60Hz 2 HP or 1152VA
Operating, ac -40 to +50 C Life Expectancy 100,000 @ rated load
Operating, dc -40 to +60 C operating/mounting position any


Note price will automatically be adjusted if dust cover is selected.



Item Number: RLY-40A
Price: $59
Price last updated 1/1/2014
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 1 week or less.


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